Appliances & Consumer Electronics

Appliances & Consumer Electronics

The two main researchers of mobile phone shipments are IDC and Gartner. Their estimates vary slightly from one another.

The Top Smartphone Manufacturers by global market share

4Q 2016 Full year 2016
Apple78.3m units 18.3% share Samsung 311.4m units, 21.2% share
Samsung 77.5m units, 18.1% share Apple 215.4m units 14.6% share
Huawei 45.4m units 10.6% share Huawei 139.3m units 9.5% share
Oppo 31.2m units 7.3% share Oppo 99.4m units 6.8% share
Vivo 24.7m units 5.8% share Vivo 77.3m units 5.3% share
Others 171.4m units 40.0% Total 428.5m Others 627.8m units 42.7% - Total 1,470.6m units

Source: IDC

The Top Mobile Handset Manufacturers 3Q 2015 by global market share

Samsung 102m units : 21.4% share Xiaomi 17m units : 3.6% share
Apple 46m units : 9.6% share TCL 17m units : 3.6% share
Microsoft 30m units : 6.3% share  ZTE 14m units : 2.9% share
Huawei 27m units : 5.7% share Micromax 12m units : 2.5% share 
LG Electronics 18m units : 3.8% share Others 176m units : 37%  
Lenovo/Motorola 18m units : 3.7% share Total 478m units

Source: Gartner

Other Handset Manufacturers

Sony Mobile BlackBerry

The Top Flat TV Manufacturers by global revenue market share 4Q 2014

Samsung 29.2% share HiSense 5.5% share
LG Electronics 16.7% share TCL 4.6% share
Sony 7.9% share  

Source: Display Search

The Top Digital Still Camera Manufacturers by market share in 2010

Canon (19.0%) Olympus (6.1%)
Sony (17.9%) Fuji (4.9%)
Nikon (12.6%) Casio (4.0%)
Samsung (11.1%) Pentax (1.5%)
Panasonic (7.6%) Vivitar (1.2%)
Kodak (7.4%) Others 6.7%

Source IDC

The Leading White Appliances Manufacturers Worldwide in 2011 by share

The global appliances sector is highly fragmented, with the top six manufacturers accounting for under 50% of the total market.

Whirlpool (approx 14.5%) General Electric (approx 7.0%)
Electrolux (approx 8.0%) LG Electronics (approx 6.8%)
BSH  (approx 7.1%) Samsung (approx 4.9%)

Source: Whirlpool. "T-7" appliances: washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges and compactors

Other Household Goods & Consumer Electronics Companies

Procter & Gamble (Duracell) Philips
Energizer Holdings IBM
DFS Furniture Gillette Group
Ikea Eastman Kodak
Siemens Toshiba
Sharp Panasonic
Mitsubishi Electric HTC

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