Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

According to figures from IMS Health the global pharmaceutical market was worth $842bn in 2013, up 2.5% on the year before. The US accounted for 39% of that total, or $329bn, down marginally on the year before. Europe contributed a further 24% (or $205bn), and the rest of the established world for 14% (or $116bn). However the fastest growth continues to come from emerging markets, where sales rose by 11% to $189bn. The top five markets by value are the US, Japan, Germany, France and China.

The World's Leading Pharma Companies in 2016 by total revenues

 Johnson & Johnson  AbbVie
 Pfizer  Bayer
 Roche  AstraZeneca
 Novartis  Amgen
 Merck & Co  Teva
 Sanofi  Eli Lilly & Co
 Glaxo SmithKline  Bristol-Myers Squibb
 Gilead Sciences  

Source: company reports

The World's Top 20 Prescription Drugs in 2015 by global sales

Humira $14.02bn AbbVie Crestor $5.43bn AstraZeneca / Shionogi
Harvoni $13.86bn Gilead Sciences Solvadi $5.28bn Gilead Sciences
Enbrel $9.03bn Amgen / Pfizer / Takeda Seretide / Advair $5.23bn GlaxoSmithKline
Remicade $8.96bn J&J / Merck / Mitsubishi Tanabe Copaxone $5.21bn Teva
Lantus $7.21bn Sanofi Neulasta $4.72bn Amgen
Avastin $6.91bn Roche Gleevec $4.66bn Novartis
Herceptin $6.75bn Roche Xarelto $4.41bn Bayer/ J&J
Prevnar $6.25bn Pfizer Spiriva $3.94bn Boehringer Ingelheim
Rituxan / MabThera $5.83bn Roche Januvia $3.86bn Merck
Revlimid $5.80bn Celgene Lyrica $3.66bn Pfizer / Eisai

Source: Igea, company reports

The World's Top Consumer Healthcare Companies in 2014

 GlaxoSmithKline / Novartis   Reckitt Benckiser
 Bayer / Merck  Boehringer Ingelheim
 Johnson & Johnson  Procter & Gamble
 Sanofi  Taisho
 Pfizer  Takeda Pharmaceutical

Source: Bayer

The World's Top Animal Healthcare Companies in 2014

 Zoetis (ex-Pfizer) 20% global share  Merial (Sanofi) 12%
 Elanco/Novartis AH (Eli Lilly & Co) 15%  Bayer 7%
 Merck & Co 14%  Boehringer Ingelheim 6%

Source: PwC

Top US OTC Products in 2013 by sales

Advil (Pfizer) $615m Alcon (Novartis) $447m Dr Scholl's (Merck*) $370m
Nature Made $596m Claritin (Merck*) $430m Aleve (Bayer) $364m
Mucinex (Reckitt) $578m Depend (Kimberly-Clark) $393m Prilosec OTC (P&G) $359m
Ensure (Abbott) $496m Poise (Kimberly-Clark) $379m 5 Hour Energy $332m

* Bayer from 2014. Source: Main products including biggest variants; IRI 52 wks to Jan 2014 all channels, Drugstorenews

Other companies profiled in Adbrands

 Abbott Laboratories  Allergan
 Valeant  Takeda
 Astellas Pharma  

Gone But Not (Completely) Forgotten

 Warner-Lambert  Smithkline Beecham
 Wyeth  Aventis
 Schering-Plough  Pharmacia

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