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Long established as the UK's biggest advertising agency, as well as one of its most admired creative powerhouses, AMV is also the local outpost for BBDO. Having held a minority stake since 1991, the American network acquired the balance of the business in 1998. In fact, AMV has served as something of a model for other agencies in the BBDO network. During the 1980s and 1990s, its founders assembled a portfolio of other businesses alongside main advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers to offer an impressively broad range of marketing services. BBDO subsequently encouraged the other lead agencies in its network to broaden their portfolios in a similar fashion, though in recent years most of AMV BBDO's satellite units have been spun off into Omnicom's other UK-based networks.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Weekly Update:

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Nov 2016: Ads Of The Week: "Brothers". Moving swiftly on from their Sainsbury's spot, AMV BBDO are back with another cracker, a rather more thoughtful one for HP. It's kind of a Christmas spot without the Christmas, because it's got the giving, and the coloured lights and the family theme, but isn't even remotely seasonal. In fact, we might actually call it profound, and quite moving, as a young musician tries to find a way of including his deaf brother in his world. The results are emotionally rich and ultimately uplifting. Just be grateful you don't have to live next door to them. Look at the size of those speakers!

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Nov 2016: Ads Of The Week: "The Greatest Gift". AMV BBDO's parting shot for Sainsbury's was the last of the Big UK Retail Christmas specials to be unveiled. Nice to see it goes in a completely different direction again this year from 2015's Mog animation or 2014's Christmas in the trenches. However, the underlying theme is once again family and community. Excellent animation from Passion Pictures, but we have a couple of reservations (of course). James Corden is in danger of becoming just a bit too ubiquitous these days - the Stephen Fry of the 2010s - shilling in the past month alone for Apple,, Sainsbury's and now Chase Sapphire credit cards as well in the US. A bit less, James, or we'll be getting sick of you. And we don't want to sound like Donald Trump but this ad's political correctness - multi-racial plus gay couples of both sexes - is possibly just a little too overdone (and, hey, where is a representative of the disabled?). But generally it's a heart-warmer. Plus it's Christmas, so let's forgive and forget and enjoy the story.

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Sep 2016: Ads of the Week "Theo's Dog". All power to Mars UK for commissioning a special set of Maltesers ads to run during Channel 4's Paralympics coverage that put disabled people front and centre, recounting real-life funny stories about embarrassing incidents. Rather than put them on a pedestal, AMV BBDO realised they could achieve more impact by simply showing disabled people as the ordinary everyday people they actually are, using laughter to break down any discomfort or prejudice on the part of the able-bodied community. Fine work. See our Facebook page for two more spots.

Adbrands Weekly Update 1st Sep 2016: It's the end of an era over at AMV BBDO in London, with the departure of long-standing client Sainsbury's after more than three decades (apart from a brief separation in the late 1990s). The business moves to Wieden & Kennedy London, moving that agency back into the supermarket sector for the first time since it lost Tesco last year.

Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd Jun 2016: Ads of the Week: "RedFit". As a challenger brand in the UK sanpro sector, SCA's Bodyform has to try harder. Here's a gutsy - even ballsy, if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor - spot from AMV BBDO. Red-blooded too; no sign of that mysterious blue liquid here.

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