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Currently London's most admired agency, Adam&Eve DDB was created in 2012 from the merger of the existing DDB London office with fast-expanding independent Adam & Eve. Despite a long-established reputation for creative excellence, the performance of the London outpost of DDB Worldwide had declined significantly since the mid 2000s. Under its previous name of BMP DDB, it was the four-times recipient of Campaign's Agency of the Year award. However, the agency struggled during 2006 with management problems and a string of account defections. Stability was restored in 2007, but although its creative output remained strong, DDB London seemed unable to restore its lost billings. It continued to tumble down the UK agency rankings, ending up outside the Top 20 for 2010. It bounced back briefly in 2011 before losing two big accounts at the end of the year. Those concerns were finally erased with what was effectively a reverse takeover of DDB London by the Adam & Eve management team. The merged Adam&Eve DDB has retained a position ever since as arguably the UK's most admired creative agency, winning an unprecedented four Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival, and several more in the years since.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Dec 2016: Ads of the Week: "Come Together". Wes Anderson joins the Christmas ads festival with a typically idiosyncratic, mannered-to-the-extreme party piece on behalf of H&M, with assistance from Adam&EveDDB. It's been a pretty extraordinary year for seasonal specials. This one has only the slimmest of tie-ins with the client - presumably those clothes are all from the store - playing instead like some kind of out-take from Grand Budapest Hotel, albeit one in which Adrien Brody's character gives up his evil ways to enjoy a new life as a well-meaning train conductor... Delightfully arch and odd, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Dec 2016: Adam&EveDDB restructured its UK management team ahead of what is widely anticipated to be the creation of a standalone office in New York to handle the newly won Samsung Electronics account. Founding partners James Murphy, Ben Priest, David Golding and Jon Forsyth have all handed over their roles to lieutenants. Tammy Einav and Matthew Goff take over from Murphy as co-CEOs; Richard Brim inherits creative control from CCO Ben Priest; Alex Hesz is the new chief strategy officer; and Anthony Falco was appointed as chief production officer. In theory, Murphy, Priest, Golding and Forsyth are free to depart Omnicom altogether following the end of their earn-out period this month. No doubt, Omnicom will be keen to avoid such a situation.

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Nov 2016: Ads Of The Week: "Home For Christmas". The team at Adam&Eve DDB must work even harder at Christmas than any other time of the year. How many different Christmas ads can an agency come up with all at the same time? After John Lewis last week (and Harvey Nichols and Temptations Treats and and and...) here's their less showy but no less lovely spot for John Lewis's sister chain Waitrose. Actually its low-key, almost shy charm adds immeasurably to its effect. A simple tale, told with great sensitivity. Enchanting. And the CGI is more impressive and even more invisible than with John Lewis's foxes and badgers. No, in the real world, you can't train a robin to do this stuff, so this one is created entirely in a computer. Separately, Adam&Eve DDB has been awarded Samsung's North American creative account for TVs and other consumer applainces except mobile. It will open its own satellite unit in the US to service the account, rather than use an existing DDB office.

Adbrands Weekly Update 10th Nov 2016: Ads Of The Week: "Buster the Boxer". Well here it is at last. The John Lewis Christmas 2016 campaign from Adam&Eve DDB. And it's pretty good. Not soppy or weird, like last year's Man On The Moon, and it checks all the right boxes. Animals, tick. Children, tick. Snow, tick. Oddly, the ad seems in some way influenced by Sainsbury's widely admired Mog spot last year, in which animals interacted in an unusual and entertaining way with the human world. Here, though, the CGI is even more accomplished. Astounding in fact. You truly believe your eyes for that midnight bouncing festival. The only thing missing of course, as any garden owner knows, is all the droppings they would, in reality, have left behind all over the trampoline.

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Nov 2016: Ads of the Week: "Keep Them Busy". It's quite extraordinary how cutting-edge CGI has transformed the way even commercials are made these days. We wouldn't be at all surprised if this delightfully destructive Christmas spot from Adam&Eve DDB for Mars' Temptations cat treats doesn't contain just as much behind the scenes computer wizardry as many a much showier spot. Cats are notoriously hard to herd (even if they single-handedly power the internet) so presumably every cat here was filmed separately and then superimposed into a single shot. What a task! 

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