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Adam&Eve DDB was created in 2012 from the merger of the existing DDB London office with fast-expanding independent Adam & Eve. Despite a long-established reputation for creative excellence, the performance of the London outpost of DDB Worldwide had declined significantly since the mid 2000s. Under its previous name of BMP DDB, it was the four-times recipient of Campaign's Agency of the Year award, a feat unbeaten by any other shop. However, the agency struggled during 2006 with management problems and a string of account defections. Stability was restored in 2007, but although its creative output remained strong, DDB London seemed unable to restore its lost billings. It continued to tumble down the UK agency rankings, ending up outside the Top 20 for 2010. It bounced back briefly in 2011 before losing two big accounts at the end of the year. Those concerns were finally erased with what was effectively a reverse takeover of DDB London by the Adam & Eve management team. The merged Adam&Eve DDB has retained a position ever since as arguably the UK's most admired creative agency, winning an unprecedented four Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Feb 2015: Ads Of The Week: "Sexy Delights of Europe". It's a measure of Adam&Eve DDB's creative brilliance that even an ad as apparently thrown-together as this can still be one of the best of the week when it's created by what is arguably London's finest agency. A keen-eyed trawl through stock footage resulted in this hilarious, increasingly naughty but always SFW celebration of the sexy delights of Europe for travel site Be inspired and book yourself a quick naughty weekend right now!

Adbrands Weekly Update 22nd Jan 2015: Directory magazine published its annual Big Won rankings of the world's most awarded agencies, campaigns and creative directors, compiled from analysis of all the different competitions in 2014. BBDO regained its customary place as the world's most awarded network, ahead of Ogilvy and DDB. However there were some surprises among the top agencies. Adam&Eve DDB may have grabbed all the headlines last year, especially at Cannes, but they actually ended up in second place. The overall winner was Dentsu Tokyo. Its Sound of Senna campaign for Honda was actually the single most awarded campaign of the year, accumulating 49 separate awards over the year, the same number of prizes earned by Adam&Eve's Sorry I Spent It On Myself campaign for Harvey Nichols. However, the weight of other work from Dentsu swung the balance in its favour, with 36 other campaigns awarded. It was also the #1 agency for digital and #1 for design. Leo Burnett Sao Paulo, Almap BBDO Sao Paulo and BBDO New York rounded out the top five.

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Jan 2015: Ads of the Week: "Let It Fly". Adam&Eve DDB's debut on the Virgin Atlantic account is a bit of a puzzler. As a film, it's excellent, with great production values, strong editing and a muscular voiceover from Andy "Gollum" Serkis. But it's surprisingly tangential to the service it's designed to promote. RKCR/Y&R's ads said a good deal more about Virgin Atlantic than this, which could be for just about any airline. Yes, shouts the ad, you should fly to New York to make that pitch. The choice of airline seems more like an afterthought.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 13th Nov 2014: Ads of the Week: "Win Christmas". Another week, another great Christmas ad from Adam&Eve DDB. Clearly, the agency has been multi-tasking, unveiling this unexpectedly funny and irreverent sketch for luxury accessories range Mulberry a week after its John Lewis showstopper. We imagine LVMH's Bernard Arnault would sneer at the ad's vulgarity, but we think it's an engagingly attention-grabbing offering. Presumably there's more to come from A&E as well. Coming after an extraordinary year in which last year's Harvey Nichols ad ended up as the year's single most awarded, A&E is clearly in pole position to top everyone's Agency of the Year round-up.

Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Nov 2014: Ads of the Week: "Monty The Penguin". Christmas has come even earlier this year. You have to pity any other poor advertiser who has to compete this week with that annual seasonal miracle, the launch of the new John Lewis ad. This has evolved into an event in its own right to equal Christmas itself. Frankly we had our doubts after last year's semi-dud, the animated bear & hare slush-fest. But all is forgiven because the 2014 edition is utterly delightful, a welcome return to live action and what must surely be some technically brilliant CG. Adam&Eve DDB once again excel. Even the hardest heart will melt.

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