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Vauxhall is the UK division of global car giant General Motors (or more precisely a subsidiary of GM's Europe-wide operation Opel) and the long-established local #2 behind arch-rival Ford. Despite repeated attempts to move further upmarket with more stylish models, Vauxhall remains stuck with an image as the archetypal company car (and indeed fleet sales account for a large proportion of volumes). Its local manufacturing operations have steadily dwindled, with the majority of vehicles now imported from mainland Europe, although Vauxhall still produces a large number of Astra models in the UK. However, the biggest recent threat to Vauxhall's long-term future was the financial crisis which engulfed parent GM during 2008. A sell-off of Opel and Vauxhall was narrowly avoided, but GM Europe is still wrestling with losses. In fact, the UK division is actually now one of its best-performing subsidiaries. General Motors UK reported revenues of £3.8bn in 2014, and scraped a small profit. The UK is also now GM's largest market in Europe by volumes, and the group also owns its own extensive dealership system under the Network Q banner. Vauxhall sold just under 270,000 passenger cars in 2015, equivalent to 10.2% share, and almost 42,000 light trucks (behind Ford and Volkswagen). The Corsa was the #2 selling model; the Astra ranked #7 and Mokka #10. Vauxhall is a key sponsor of UK football, supporting all four home nation associations. Vauxhall Ironworks launched its first motor car in 1903; it is now the UK's oldest surviving automobile brand. The business was acquired by General Motors in 1925. Rory Harvey replaced Tim Tozer as chairman & managing director in 2015. Adbrands no longer profiles this company but subscribers may access account assignments and contact information. The searchable account assignments database is available to full subscribers to premium services. 

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Adbrands Weekly Update 30th Sept 2015: Tim Tozer, chairman of GM's UK subsidiary Vauxhall Motors stepped down unexpectedly, apparently as a result of disagreements with senior managers at GM Europe over sales targets. He was replaced by Rory Harvey, executive sales director for Opel Europe.

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