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The FCB name was reintroduced in 2014 for the network previously known as Draftfcb. That business had been created in 2006 from the merger by Interpublic of two of its existing subsidiaries: direct marketing specialist Draft Worldwide and famed creative advertising network Foote Cone & Belding. Under both its names, the resulting business is a fully integrated worldwide marketing services giant offering a broad range of disciplines from traditional creative to direct, digital and sales promotion. Draft had for several years been one of Interpublic's most consistently profitable brands, and the merger was designed to provide added strength to FCB which, while a strong performer in the US, remained weak outside its home market. The combined business got off to a terrible start when it was fired from the Wal-Mart account at the end of 2006 after just three months. Despite that shaky debut, Draftfcb evolved into what was said to be one of Interpublic's more profitable subsidiaries by the end of the decade. More recently, however, the loss of SC Johnson and other major accounts in 2011 and 2012 made something of a dent in performance. However the appointment of a new management team has resulted in a tentative improvement in fortune.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 13th Mar 2014: Interpublic confirmed the previously rumoured rebranding of its Draftfcb network under its old name of FCB, or Foote Cone & Belding. "We had two very iconic names with different heritages, different pasts," said CEO Carter Murray, now six months into his stewardship of the agency. "It didn't fully reflect our integrated nature." As a result the network has returned to its storied post-war name, once one of the most famous in the US ad industry. Most of the agency's local offices will adopt the uniform FCB name, but a few choice outposts, such as the one in New York, will add the name of its creative chief above the door. As a result, Draftfcb New York becomes FCB Garfinkel after its celebrated creative chief Lee Garfinkel. "When I say I'm putting creativity into the centre of this company, I'm not messing around," added Murray. The London outpost rebrands as FCB Inferno, after the newly acquired indie whose management team now run the merged company.

Adbrands Weekly Update 13th Feb 2014: Draftfcb's renaissance continued apace as it secured the global creative business of Levi's Jeans in a partnership with The House Worldwide, the independent global network recently established by Richard Pinder, an old colleague of Draftfcb CEO Carter Murray from when they both worked at Publicis Worldwide. It's arguably the most prestigious account win by Draftfcb for years, although the agency and its predecessor FCB has worked with Levi's in North America off and on for decades. Levi's advertising has most recently been handled by Wieden & Kennedy and before that by BBH. North America advertising will be handled through Draftfcb San Francisco, with international overseen by Pinder, in consultation with his regional affiliate agencies, which include CumminsRoss in Australia, Change in France and ChinaMadrid in Spain.

Adbrands Weekly Update 16th Jan 2014: Get ready for the return of FCB. According to AdAge, Interpublic is preparing to relaunch its Draftfcb network, now under the command of new CEO Carter Murray, dropping the Draft tag in favour of its heritage name of either FCB or Foote Cone & Belding. If that happens, few will lament the passing of the Draft name, apart perhaps from Howard Draft who is expected to remain executive chairman for the time being.

Adbrands Weekly Update 31st Dec 2013: Draftfcb's new CEO Carter Murray took further steps to strengthen the agency's global network with the complete overhaul of its long-struggling UK outpost, which is to be absorbed into newly acquired integrated agency Inferno. The combined business will initially trade as Inferno & Draftfcb. Draftfcb London's president Kate Howe and ECD David Harris have both departed, to be replaced by the Inferno team led by chairman Frazer Gibney, managing partner Tim Doust and chief creative officer Al Young. The deal is rumoured to be worth as much as 20m to Inferno's shareholders depending on future performance. Gibney alone could make as much as 5m from the deal. This is something of a last chance for Draftfcb London. A similar merger with digital agency Blue Barracuda in 2012 appears to have made little difference so far to the agency's performance.

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Dec 2013: Draftfcb's new CEO Carter Murray made another raid on Publicis, hiring Sebastien Desclee, formerly head of Publicis Belgium and its Duval Guillaume creative hotshop, as president of Draftfcb International. Murray will continue to have oversight of the network's 12 biggest markets, including North America, France, Germany, UK, Russia, China, India and Brazil. Desclee will oversee all other countries, from his base in Belgium. The new structure is broadly similar to that already in place at Interpublic's media networks, where regional operations are divided between a group of 14 major markets (the G14) and then all other "world markets".

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Adbrands Weekly Update 14th Nov 2013: Newly arrived Draftfcb CEO Carter Murray made his second big staff appointment, naming creative veteran Lee Garfinkel as CEO of Draftfcb New York. He joins from Havas Worldwide, where he was chairman & chief creative officer for global brands. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Oct 2013: Draftfcb's new CEO Carter Murray made his first big management appointment, raiding Publicis USA to poach chief marketing officer Chris Shumaker. Said Murray, "Chris has a great track record of both prospecting and conversion. Having done a new business role myself in two companies, I know there are some good new business people out there, but I think Chris is the best." 

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