Foote Cone & Belding

Selected Foote Cone & Belding advertising

Foote Cone & Belding - later known as FCB Worldwide and subsequently merged into what is now Draftfcb - was one of the giants of American advertising in the post-war era. It was formed from the ashes of Albert Lasker's Lord & Thomas, which had dominated the American ad industry before World War II. Yet despite its importance in the US, FCB struggled to establish a similar reputation in worldwide markets despite a series of initiatives designed to enhance its global profile. The least successful of these was the creation of a joint venture with Publicis which ended in 1996 in a bitter divorce. The creation of holding company True North in 1994 provided some stability, until it too was caught up in the wave of consolidation which swept the industry in the early 2000s. See Lord & Thomas profile for the period up to 1943. See FCB/True North profile for the period after 1980. See Draftfcb for the present day activities and operations of Foote Cone & Belding.

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