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Four of our Favourite Ads of the Week

Coty Calvin Klein "Eternity 2017"
by CRK Advertising & Cary Fukunaga

Ikea "Disturbing the Peace"
by Buzzman

Mars Skittles "Bitesize Horror: Floor 9.5"
by Fox TV / Toby Meakins & Simon Allen

Nike "Want It All"
by Wieden & Kennedy

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Mattress Firm - US - media - agency
Engie Group - France - creative - agency
Persil, All, Purex - Global - creative - agency
Ikea - Global - creative - agency
Whole Foods Market - US - creative - agency
Cdiscount - France - creative - agency
Kraft Heinz Co - Australia - creative - agency
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Sky - Europe - media - agency
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Whereas in the past, each individual ad agency offered a variety of different marketing services under a single roof, the rapid expansion of the media industry (for example the proliferation of cable and digital channels), as well as the refusal of clients to pay for services they didn't require, encouraged most large advertising agencies to spin out their more specialised in-house departments as separate agencies in their own right.

At the same time, while the number of individual agencies has as a result increased, ownership of those agencies has concentrated dramatically. Massive consolidation within the industry has led to a huge number of mergers and acquisitions, and the creation at the top end of the market of a small group of major holding companies, each of whom owns or controls a large number of separate agencies. There are still independent owner-operated agencies out there, but in far fewer numbers than ever before, and most are small by comparison with the group-owned brands. Continue reading Structure of the Advertising Industry here.

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19th Oct 2017


Wells Fargo the sole exception as other US banks report better than expected 3Q

Record quarter for Samsung overshadowed by shock resignation of chips chief

Reckitt Benckiser restructures with a view to spinning off non-core business

Nestle and Unilever reliant on emerging markets and price rises to drive growth

Mercedes-Benz extends its lead as the #1 in luxury automobiles

Bayer offers sale of some crop science units to BASF to win Monsanto approval

American Express CEO departure cuts list of black CEOs to just 3 out of top 500

PepsiCo global beverages chief resigns to start his own marketing consultancy


Omnicom sets the bar high with solid organic growth in 3Q

Steady improvement at Publicis Groupe lifts organic YTD metric into the black

DDB wins global Henkel detergent portfolio

New agencies named for Ikea global, Whole Foods Market in US

Satellite broadcaster Sky calls pan-Euro media review out of WPP agencies


Outpouring of harrassment claims post-Weinstein takes scalp of Amazon Studios chief

Netflix tops expectations for 3Q, dismisses Nielsen's offering of ratings data

Hearst Magazines agrees deal for health and fitness publisher Rodale

by projected media expenditure 2017

USA ($183.5bn)
China ($86.3bn)
Japan ($46.8bn)
UK ($23.1bn)
Brazil ($21.3bn)
Germany ($19.0bn)
France ($12.2bn)
Australia ($12.1bn)
Canada ($10.1bn)
India ($9.6bn)
South Korea ($9.4bn)
Italy ($8.5bn)
Argentina ($6.6bn)
Spain ($6.2bn)
Russia ($5.9bn)
Israel ($5.4bn)
Philippines ($4.8bn)
Mexico ($4.6bn)
Austria ($4.5bn)
Netherlands ($4.3bn)
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