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Widely admired for its technical wizardry and stunning design, R/GA is generally considered to be among the foremost agencies working in digital marketing, and is the 4th biggest creative network within Interpublic. It was named as interactive agency of the year by both leading US trade publications in 2006, and digital agency of the decade by Adweek in 2009. More recently, it was AdAge's Agency of the Year for 2014. R/GA remains one of the world's most admired digital specialists. However, it has moved well beyond the confines of traditional web design, and increasingly the company is positioning itself as a full-service ad agency specialising in the interactive field: "The agency for the connected age".


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In addition to more traditional digital designers, R/GA also has an inhouse team which produces live action video for use on digital platforms, and has bulked up its data analytics and customer profiling department to provide more advanced CRM services. Advertising Age estimated worldwide revenues of $320m in 2015, making it the biggest creative agency brand under Interpublic's umbrella after that group's three global advertising networks. In the US, there are outposts in six cities including New York, Chicago and San Francisco, although most creative work is produced out of New York. Although the agency handles several major clients out of the US, one of the best-known is Nike for whom it has launched several award-winning campaigns. Its work on the Nike+ Fuelband, for example, won both the Cyber and Titanium Grand Prix at the 2012 Cannes Lions festival. Five years earlier it had achieved the same feat with the launch of the original Nike+ Running system.

By the beginning of 2015, there were eight international outposts. RGA opened a London office at the end of 2006 to support its capture of Nokia's business in Europe, followed by outposts in Singapore and Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2010 to work on the MasterCard account. Buenos Aires, Argentina and Stockholm in Sweden were added in 2011, followed by Bucharest in Romania in 2012. Istanbul in Turkey joined the network in 2014. A local presence was established in Germany for the first time in 2017.

R/GA has been owned by Interpublic since 2002. Founder Bob Greenberg remains chairman & CEO, but handed the role of global chief creative officer to Nick Law in 2012. Other senior managers include Barry Wacksman (EVP & chief strategy officer), Chris Colborn (EVP & chief design & innovation officer), Dabiel Diez (EVP & chief marketing officer) and Stephen Plumlee (EVP & global COO). Sean Lyons is president, R/GA USA, with Chloe Gottlieb and Taras Wayner as EVPs & executive creative directors USA.

Brothers Robert and Richard Greenberg first set up in business in 1977, producing computer-assisted movie trailers and title sequences (including for Alien and Superman). They moved into digital special effects for movies and commercials, and from there into other digital media. Richard left during the 1980s, but as Robert Greenberg Associates and later as R/GA Digital Studios, the company worked on literally hundreds of movies in that decade and into the 1990s, producing ground-breaking visual effects for movies ranging from Ghostbusters to Woody Allen's Zelig and Silence of the Lambs. R/GA Interactive was formed in 1993 as a spin-off from the main business. As the internet boom exploded, the company was acquired in 1997 by FCB's parent entity True North. The digital effects division was sold in 1998 (becoming Imaginary Forces), and the company has ended up specialising in web design, digital branding and associated interactive projects.

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