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BMF is a leading agency in Australia, and arguably the most prominent subsidiary of what is now Enero Group (formerly Photon). It has a reputation for excellent, often humourous creative work. The main office is in Sydney, offering a fully integrated service. A second outpost in Melbourne was folded into sister agency Naked in 2014. Founded in 1996 as a breakaway from The Campaign Palace, BMF enjoyed spectacular success in the 2000s, and was named as Australia's Ad Agency of the Decade at the end of 2009 by local trade magazine B&T. However, that kind of accolade always seems to become more of a burden than an asset and performance since has been much less muted. Creatively though BMF remains one of Australia's most impressive non-network agencies. Co-founder Matthew Melhuish is now group CEO of Enero. Warren Brown - the B in BMF - stepped down from the agency in 2017. Third co-founder Paul Fishlock left in 2003 to return to The Campaign Palace until its eventual closure. Dominic Stinton was succeeded as CEO of BMF in 2015 by Steve McArdle. Cam Blackley is ECD. Adbrands does not currently offer a business profile for this company but subscribers may access account assignments and contact information. The searchable account assignments database is available to full subscribers to premium services. Click here to access Adbrands account assignments (subscribers only); or see here for information on how to subscribe.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 16th Nov 2017: Ads Of The Week: "The More The Merrier". Are we Brits undergoing some sort of Brexit-induced crisis of confidence? We arguably invented the modern version of Christmas 150 years ago, yet this year some of the best Christmas ads have originated in a country where they celebrate the holidays on the beach with a barbecue rather than in front of a roaring log fire with snow on the ground outside. For example, in a complete change from the usual style of seasonal ads, here's a wholly out-of-the-ordinary film from BMF for the Australian branch of Aldi. BMF always hits one out of the park for Aldi at Christmas, and this one is no exception, with all the humour, imagination and inventiveness that seems to be missing from Adland UK's latest offerings. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th May 2016: Ads of the Week "Plant The Seed". You'll be searching BMF's extended spot for 5 Seeds cider, from Kirin's local brewery business Lion, for a clue as to how exactly it was done. Is that frozen motion or just a case of standing very very very still? Whichever is the case it's quite a feat, managing to look like both tricks at the same time. Dust and light is still moving but the people and objects are not. The results are strangely haunting, as well as oddly beautiful. That's my kind of party.

Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Jan 2015: Ads of the Week "Feed Their Amazingness: George". Here's a charming new campaign from BMF for Australian sliced bread brand Tip Top, from George Weston Foods. The campaign highlights a bunch of different children with... well let's say slightly unusual talents. There are four to choose from (see them on our Facebook page). They're all wonderful, but George the dancer is arguably our favourite, if only for his deadpan expression and somewhat idiosyncratic performing style. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 13th Nov 2014: Ads of the Week: "Perfect Aussie Christmas". Try a completely alternative view of Christmas in this wonderfully absurd seasonal tale from BMF for Aldi in Australia. You already know that Christmas down there in the Southern hemisphere is very different from up in the north. But could Aussie Christmas actually be the best Christmas...? 

Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Dec 2013: Ads of the Week: "No Ordinary Cider". Let's not forget that while we in the Northern hemisphere are wrapping up for the cold spell, our cousins on the other side of the equator are stripping off for summer. Australian agency BMF has unveiled a new spot for Toohey's 5 Seeds cider, and it's another gem to match the last (which featured hard-to-forget buxom bearded twin sisters played by the same actor who reappears here). The perfect way to round up a busy year. Enjoy!

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