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Clemenger Group is one of Australia's foremost marketing communications groups, originally founded in 1946 by local tennis star Jack Clemenger. Its biggest and best-known subsidiary is Clemenger BBDO, the local outpost of BBDO Worldwide with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and one of the country's most admired creative agencies. Industry watcher Mumbrella named Clemenger BBDO Melbourne as its Agency of the Decade in 2019. The main agency is partnered by sister Australian shop CHEP (known as CHE Proximity until 2022) and New Zealand's Colenso BBDO - despite its small size the world's single most awarded agency in both 2012 and 2016, and Cannes Lions' Pacific Region Agency of the Decade in 2020 - as well as local outposts of Omnicom's OMD, PHD and Porter Novelli networks. BBDO first acquired a shareholding in the 1970s, but for the next 35 years it held only a minority stake in the group, with the two-thirds of equity split between the Clemenger family and managers and staff in Australia and New Zealand. In 2011, however, Omnicom increased its stake to a little under 74% of the business. Around 400 senior Clemenger employees own all the remaining equity via a staff fund. Omnicom network agencies account for the largest part of Clemenger's extensive portfolio, but it also controls a collection of satellite marketing services agencies, including regional ad agencies Marketforce and 99, public affairs specialist GRACosway, communications research consultancy Hall & Partners, field marketer Traffik (also the local partner for Omnicom's Radiate network) and Quantum Market Research. Clemenger Group reported revenues of A$20.8m for 2020 with net profit of A$50.5m, only slightly lower than the year before. That prompted widespread unrest among staff who had been asked to take a sizeable pay cut during the year because of Covid but were also asked to work longer hours because of redundancies. The group responded with group-wide pay increases in early 2021. Les Timar succeeded Rob Morgan as group CEO at the beginning of 2022; Morgan remains chairman. Clemenger BBDO CEO Nick Garrett departed in 2019, and his role was split between Jim Gall (CEO, Melbourne) and Pete Bosilkovski (CEO, Sydney). However, Bosilkovski stepped down again in 2021.

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Marketer Moves 17th Jan 2022: New CEO confirmed at Clemenger BBDO Sydney. See Marketer Moves (members only).

Marketer Moves 31st Aug 2021: New CEO at Clemenger Group. See Marketer Moves (members only).

Adbrands Daily Update 1st Dec 2020: "Baby Steps". Get a dog! It's so much less work than a baby. That's the message behind an inspired campaign for a dog adoption scheme sponsored by Mars-owned Pedigree pet food. The agency is New Zealand hothouse Colenso BBDO. It may be tucked away on the other side of the globe but this is an agency that always punches far above its weight, so much so, in fact that it earned the accolade of Agency of the Decade for the Pacific region at this year's online-only Cannes Advertising Festival because of the number of Lions - 99 in all - it has accumulated since 2010. This campaign is a sheer delight, as a series of misunderstandings cause consternation in the parents of real (human) babies. The ads have got their depiction of both dog owners and over-solicitous parents just right. We especially loved that "Be careful!" warning to the kid descending the slide at a speed of 1 mile per hour.

Adbrands Daily Update 30th Sep 2020: "The Real Deal". One of the other great things about digital trickery is the effect you can create by stripping it all out again. That's the concept behind Clemenger BBDO's new campaign for Ford in Australia. The new Ford Puma is so stylish (supposedly) that it doesn't need all the fancy CG window dressing. Ironically, of course, it's the gradual elimination of all the smoke and mirrors that makes the ad so entertaining. As for the car itself, hmmm...

Adbrands Daily Update 16th Jan 2020: In a surprise development which may ultimately bode ill for Publicis Groupe and other agencies elsewhere, Samsung has consolidated all marketing services in Australia into Omnicom / Clemenger Group's CHE Proximity. That agency already managed Samsung's digital and CRM account. Publicis Groupe is the main loser: its Leo Burnett and Starcom had handled creative and media respectively here as in most other global markets. It's understood that PR will remain with the local office of Edelman.

Adbrands Daily Update 15th Nov 2019: "Make It Happen". Just for a change, how about an ad that's not about Christmas. There are just a couple of them out there. The creative department at Clemenger BBDO Sydney have definitely been indulging in some illicit substances if this freaky spot for Suntory's V Energy drink is anything to go by. We are truly through the looking glass here. That can happen after you've consumed a case or two of the client's product in search of inspiration.

Adbrands Daily Update 11th Nov 2019: "Christmas is Where We Are". Up here in the Northern hemisphere, you'd never think about going camping for Christmas, but Australia has entirely different ideas. (Hopefully that will still be possible by then in Eastern Australia). Clemenger BBDO offers a charming tale for local department store group Myer, in which a young girl worries about how Santa will find her if she's somewhere out in the bush rather than back home on Christmas Eve. To make life even easier, Myer is selling a bluetooth-enabled Global Positioning Stocking for A$34.95 so Santa will know exactly where in Australia you are to leave your presents.

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