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The local outpost of DDB is one of Australia's leading creative agencies. In addition to the main DDB agencies in Sydney and Melbourne, the group also houses local offices for sister brands Track (formerly Rapp) and Interbrand, as well as healthcare shop DDB Remedy and corporate communications unit Mango. It acquired youth marketing agency Lifelounge in 2015. Marty O'Halloran - a 25-year veteran of the agency - is chairman, with Andrew Little as CEO. Damon Stapleton is chief creative officer for Australia & New Zealand. Campaign Asia Pacific named DDB its Australia & New Zealand Agency of the Year for 2012. DDB traces its lineage in Australia back to United Service Publicity launched after World War II, and acquired by Needham Harper Steers in the late 1960s, becoming USP Needham. Doyle Dane Bernbach launched a local presence with the purchase of John Singleton's SPASM "super-agency" in 1973, as well as several other agencies. Needham and DDB themselves merged in 1986 with BBDO to create Omnicom. See also the Adbrands profile of the main DDB Worldwide network.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Daily Update 16th Oct 2019: "Dinosaur vs Unicorn". In a battle between a T-Rex and a unicorn, I don't think there's much doubt about who would win in the, ahem, "real world". But DDB New Zealand has different ideas in this charming spot for AA Insurance. It's a lovely idea, enhanced by excellent CG. "The objective," says ECD Gary Steele, "was to stray from the standard rhetoric around insurance, and act as a reminder that the best moments in life occur when you embrace the chaos and enjoy the moment, which is only possible when you know you're insured."

Adbrands Daily Update 19th Aug 2019: "Clearly a Sealy". One doesn't usually expect very much in the way of advertising excellence from companies that make mattresses, so this ad from DDB New Zealand for Sealy in Australia and other Asia Pacific markets is quite a exception. Kudos to the client for being prepared to go that extra bit further to produce an ad that lives up to the product it's promoting, by employing imagination and some striking visual set-ups. Of course, when it comes to the always reliable DDB NZ, we'd expect nothing less.

Adbrands Social Media 18th Apr 2019: "Tokyo Dry 2". Here's a fabulously joyful spot from DDB New Zealand for the popular "dry" process spin-off from local hero beer Steinlager. (It's the brewing process made famous by Asahi Super Dry in which almost all the sugar is converted to alcohol to give lower calorie content and less of an aftertaste). And they know what they're talking about at Steinlager when they produce a Japanese-style lager: the brewery is a regional division of Kirin. It's a second bite of the cherry for Steinlager and DDB, who have teamed up before for this sort of Tokyo-themed culture mash-up, but this one is the best to-date. The backing track is a remix of 'Slice of Heaven' by Dave Dobbyn. Let's dance! 

Adbrands Social Media 11th Mar 2019: "Here To Help: Separating". Here's the latest from DDB Sydney for Australia's Westpac Bank. It follows up a campaign we featured here last year which aimed to show how the bank can help when you're struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. That was more of a period piece. The new spot - aimed at families coping with divorce - is even more acutely observed and beautifully judged, making this couple's child its centre of gravity and presenting both sides of the break-up with equal compassion. There's no specific program in place for life's various emergencies, but Westpac is making a formal promise that it will understand its customers' concerns and will provide assistance. That's a commendable aim, and justly supported by a fine film.

Adbrands Social Media 16th Oct 2018: "It's Just Not Cricket". You probably need to understand the game of cricket to appreciate this funny historical pastiche from DDB Australia for coverage of the game on local cable channel Foxtel. Our US readers are therefore excused, since not even cricket has been able to penetrate the American passion for anything sports-related. (Is cricket really a sport? Some might even ask). Perhaps we should also explain that "It's just not cricket" is a phrase that has entered the language to suggest anything in daily life that doesn't constitute fair play. Anyway for the rest of us, this is an entertaining reminder on the ways in which the game has changed over the years. Mostly for the good. Still not sure about those multicoloured pyjamas, though...

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