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Foster's, or "the Amber Nectar", is probably the world's most famous Australian brand, as well as one of the leading international lagers. It has been available outside its country of origin for well over 100 years, but really exploded into the popular consciousness after a hugely successful marketing campaign in the 1980s which also introduced actor Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan to an international audience. Ironically, despite its global prominence as an Australian icon, Foster's has for several years enjoyed only a minimal presence in its home market. As a result, original owner Foster's Group sold international rights to local brewers in key markets in the 2000s. Foster's Group was itself acquired in 2011 by SABMiller, which already had rights to Foster's beer in the US. Following SABMiller's break-up in 2017, ownership has gradually become even more fragmented. The brand is now controlled in the US by Miller Coors, but by AB InBev in Asia and most other regions except Europe, where it remains under the management of Heineken. Its biggest market by far is the UK, where it has had a long and successful history. Sales have slipped in recent years as a result of intense competition within the market, but it was the UK's #3 best-selling lager in 2017.

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