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Nestlé Australia is the country's biggest food company, as well as important subsidiary of the global Nestlé business, marketing a selection of international and local brands. Its two biggest businesses are confectionery and coffee, which between them contribute just under half of all local sales. Nescafe dominates the Australian instant coffee market with a market share of around 75%. However, the company's most iconic brand is the malted chocolate drink Milo, a household staple in the country for more than 70 years. Nestlé claims that Australians drink more than 1m cups of Milo every day, and it is exported widely to other Asia Pacific markets including Malaysia and the Philippines where consumption is even higher. The local confectionery business is Allen's, which markets several of the group's global confectionery brands, such as Kit Kat, Smarties, Milky Bar, Rolo and Crunch. It still sells local chocolate bar Nestlé Club, but several other heritage brands - Violet Crumble, Life Savers - were sold in 2018. Maggi is Nestlé's main culinary brand in Australia, though a few other brands are available to food service customers, and the company also markets infant and healthcare nutrition products. The group sold its Peters' ice cream business in 2012 to private equity investors, then reacquired an involvement following the creation of global joint venture Froneri. The local outpost continues to market Nestlé's ice cream products under license. One of the few international segments where Nestlé had not been present until comparatively recently was breakfast cereals, traditionally dominated in Australia by Kellogg's and Goodman Fielder. The Nestlé/General Mills joint venture Cereal Partners only launched its first cereal in Australia in 2003, a spin-off from the Milo brand. In 2006, the group acquired local food company Uncle Tobys, already a major player in breakfast cereals and the two portfolios were merged. There are also local arms of Purina, Nestlé Waters and Nespresso. Sandra Martinez is CEO of Nestlé Oceania, the operating division which covers Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Australian sales were A$2.2bn in 2018.

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