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The Australian outpost of the global Ogilvy advertising network is one of the country's leading agencies, with outposts in Sydney, Melbourne and also Brisbane; and partnered by two additional offices in New Zealand. It is still also something of a national icon as a result of its merger in the late 1990s with the agency launched by local legend John "Singo" Singleton, arguably Australia's equivalent to David Ogilvy himself. In 1998, Singleton took majority control of what was then the struggling local office of Ogilvy & Mather and merged it with his own existing agency to form Singleton Ogilvy & Mather. His publicly quoted holding group became STW Group, minority owned by Ogilvy's parent WPP, and also took management control of several other WPP brannds, including JWT. Singleton himself departed the business a decade later, and his name was dropped from the Ogilvy banner. An office in Melbourne, Badjar Ogilvy, also dropped the additional tag a few years later. Another subsequent restructuring saw the takeover of STW by WPP to form what is now WPP AUNZ. The main Ogilvy agency continues as normal, now with most of its various specialist marketing services satellites reabsorbed into the core business to form a fully integrated creative agency, in accordance with the network's global repositioning. Multicultural specialist Etcom remains a separate satellite agency; so too does the former Ogilvy PR division, now OPR. Sally Kissane succeeded David Fox as CEO of Ogilvy Australia in 2021. Gavin McLeod and David Ponce de Leon are executive creative directors in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. Ogilvy was named as Campaign Asia's Australian Agency of the Year for 2019, and Network of the Year in the 2019 APAC Effie Awards. See also the Adbrands profile of the main Ogilvy network.

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Adbrands Social Media 29th Oct 2018: "Breaking News". You've got to love New Zealanders; they bring a brilliant sense of humour to even the driest of topics. We're already familiar with the way New Zealand Airlines revolutionised not just airline ads but inflight safety videos with comedy. (Yes, it's true. They did it first). Now it's the turn of the New Zealand Police Department. This adorable recruitment campaign from Ogilvy Auckland explains the ins and outs of becoming a NZ cop with immense good humour and charm. It also reflects the country uniquely diverse ethnic mix. As you will quickly realise, those are all serving police officers answering the questions, and doing not a bad job of it too. Who knew being a cop could be such fun?

Adbrands Weekly Update 7th Jun 2018: Ogilvy officially relaunched this week under a single unified brand, and a revised logo, eliminating the various sub-brands that had sprung up over the years (Ogilvy PR, OgilvyOne etc) in favour of one umbrella identity. The agency also officially dropped the "& Mather" tag, though this had already fallen out of general usage. CEO John Seifert said the profusion of separate satellite units had turned the business into a "mini WPP" in its own right. He told the WSJ, "We needed to clarify what the Ogilvy brand promise was, what its purpose was and we needed to greatly simplify the organization around what I call an integrated enterprise agenda, not a holding company of all these different piece-parts." Ogilvy will continue to offer all its existing services as separate "crafts" under the shared umbrella brand. "We're trying to put renewed emphasis on craft," he Told Campaign. "It's one thing to unplug Ogilvy PR, OgilvyOne and so on, but it's another thing to get people to think about the skills that they build, the point of view that they have on their work that needs to be constantly improved." Despite the general rule of consolidating Ogilvy's various disciplines, there are some exceptions. In Australia, the current Ogilvy Public Relations unit will remain separate from the rebundled Ogilvy agency, and has adopted a new name of OPR. It will continue to work alongside the main Ogilvy business as its preferred PR partner.

Adbrands Social Media 28th May 2018: Ogilvy's new marketing campaign for Australian beer Hahn is designed to start a conversation among drinkers over what makes the greatest 'pub anthem' of all time. Most of us up here in the Northern hemisphere, wait until we've had a few brews before we start bellowing 80s classics. The Aussies start singing before the first pint has even been poured... Future Hahn challenges will include - and this is not our joke, it's from the marketing handout - 'Who is the greatest ever action hero?' 'The fast bowler you'd least like to face?' (That's a cricket reference, in case any of our American readers were puzzled) and even ‘You’re a pro-wrestler. Your theme music is?’ We look forward to the accompanying ads... 

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