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Diversified conglomerate Wesfarmers became one of Australia's two biggest retail groups in 2007 following the takeover of leading grocery retailer Coles, which had just lost its long-held position as the local #1 to arch-rival Woolworths. That deal created an extensive retail portfolio in which Coles was partnered by a selection of other sizeable local brands, not least leading home improvement chain Bunnings, already owned by Wesfarmers. The acquisition was designed to call a halt to several years of steadily declining performance as Coles struggled to make sense of its sprawling retail operations. It also brought greater focus to Wesfarmers itself, originally a farmers' cooperative which had expanded into a wide variety of different sectors ranging from mining and chemicals to insurance and DIY. Yet problems continued to plague the group over the next few years. Perhaps the most damaging came from a ill-conceived attempt to transplant the successful Australian home improvement business into the UK with a deal to acquire local DIY chain Homebase in 2016 and rebrand it as Bunnings. That experiment proved disastrous, and Wesfarmers was forced to abandon the business after two years with losses of A$1.4bn. At least in part to replenish its financial resources, it announced it would spin off Coles and its other food and drink retail operations as a separate quoted entity. It retains a 15% shareholding in what is now Coles Group. Following the demerger, Bunnings became the biggest business within Wesfarmers, with around 375 stores in Australia and New Zealand and revenues of A$15bn. It is unquestionably the country's biggest home improvement retailer, as well as one of Australia's most trusted brands. The group continues to own general retailers Kmart and Target (which bear no relation to the US counterparts of the same name despite their similar branding), office supplies store Officeworks, and a collection of industrial manufacturers specialising in fertilisers, chemicals and mining. In 2020, the group began rebranding outlets of Target as Kmart. By early 2021, there were 313 outlets of Kmart and only around 150 remaining Target. Catch is the group's online marketplace selling its own or resellers' merchandise. Combined revenues were A$9.2bn with a further $2.8bn from Officeworks. The group also shares ownership with Coles Group of rewards points operator Flybuys. Combined revenues for year ending Jun 2020 were A$30.8bn (compared to A$66.9bn for the final full year with Coles). Net profit was A$1.7bn. Rob Scott is group managing director.

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Adbrands Daily Update 28th Oct 2020: "A Better Way To Christmas". Would you look at that! It's not even Halloween yet and here comes the first Christmas ad. It's already looking like it will be a holiday season like no other in recent memory, so perhaps it's appropriate for the ad flood to commence ahead of time. AJF GrowthOps breaks a few moulds here for Australia's Target retail chain. (No relation to the US store of the same name, despite the similarity of the logo). One such AJF innovation is the repurposing of 'Christmas' as a verb. As in "Why bother to Christmas with your own decorations when you can buy everything you need from Target?"

Adbrands Social Media 8th Aug 2018: Australia's AJF Partnership has this gorgeous spot out for local retailer Target, which despite its name and logo design is no relation whatsoever to the US retailer of the same name. (As was the case with Australia's local Woolworths chain, whose name was nicked not licensed, the Aussies probably originally thought they were far enough away from the US to evade a copyright claim). But take care! Those spectacular landscapes are in the Kimberley, an unspoilt region in the far north of Western Australia that is itself three times the size of England. Despite what the ad suggests, it's definitely not a place you might go for a casual jog. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 31st May 2018: A disastrous foray into the UK by Australian retail giant Wesfarmers was brought to an ignominious end by the sale of home improvement chain Homebase for just £1 to turnaround specialist Hilco. Wesfarmers' total losses on the whole sorry saga are expected to reach A$1.4bn - around US$1bn. It was an unanticipated disaster for the group, which owns leading Australian supermarket group Coles as well as a collection of other local retail chains, including Australia's homegrown DIY champion Bunnings. Homebase is the UK's second largest home & garden store after B&Q, but performance has been weak for several years. Wesfarmers attempted to restore its fortunes by implanting the Bunnings model and branding; however it failed to heed the critical differences between Australian and British DIY customers, dropping Homebase's popular offering of soft furnishings and garden ornaments in favour of power tools and barbecues. That, combined with poor weather, the fallout from Brexit, and the removal of virtually the whole existing Homebase management team in favour of newcomers to the business conspired to deliver an even more dramatic slump in performance. Hilco is expected to restore the Homebase branding, but it will also close the worst performing stores.

Adbrands Weekly Update 1st Sep 2016: Australia's biggest supermarket group Woolworths, a former high-flyer that has been struggling with poor performance for the past 18 months, reported a shock loss for the financial year to June. Reported revenues of A$58.1bn (around US$42bn) were 4% less than last year, but a 40% slump in earnings in its core grocery business and a huge write-off against its disastrous move into home improvement, resulted in a net loss of A$1.2bn. Woolworths' main rival Wesfarmers, the owner of Coles and Bunnings, also delivered a disappointing set of results with large impairments against its general retail chain Target and heritage coal mining operations. Net profits plunged 83% to A$407m, despite a 6% increase in revenues to A$66bn.

Adbrands Weekly Update 21st Jan 2016: Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers confirmed the acquisition of UK-based DIY and gardening chain Homebase for £340m. It will become a local partner to the group's Australian business Bunnings, the leading Ozzie home improvement chain. Wesfarmers is expected to phase out the Homebase name in favour of the Bunnings brand. The announcement coincided with related news from Wesfarmers' domestic rival Woolworths, which said it is pulling the plug on its own struggling DIY chain Masters, a joint venture with America's Lowe's. The sale of Homebase also significantly boosts Sainsbury's chances in its pursuit of Homebase's sister chain within Home Retail Group, Argos.

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