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Almap BBDO of Brazil is widely regarded as one of the world's top creative agencies, and a key hub for the global BBDO Worldwide network. It has featured for several years as one of the most awarded advertising agencies worldwide - it was the global #1 in 2017 according to the Gunn Report - not least as a result of work produced for its biggest local account, Volkswagen, which it has handled for more than 50 years. Its brief was widened in 2018 to cover all of South America. Almap is often considered to be Brazil's first homegrown advertising agency. It was launched in 1954 as Alcantara Machado Publicidade (abbreviated to Al-Ma-P) by Caio de Alcantara Machado, a brilliant entrepreneur with a vision for revolutionising the country's fast-expanding industry by promoting local manufacturers through a series of huge trade fairs. The ad agency remained something of a sideline until Machado recruited Alex Periscinoto in 1960. He established the agency as Brazil's most celebrated of the 1970s and early 80s, and later recruited Marcello Serpa and Jose Luiz Madeira to head the business in the early 1990s. Serpa and Madeira led the business for more than 20 years before retiring in 2015. The agency is now led by chairman & chief creative officer Luiz Sanchez and CEO Filipe Bartholomeu.

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Adbrands Daily Update 5th Jan 2021: "Astronaut". Is it perhaps a coincidence - as we enter the New Year with new global lockdowns - that two of this week's most eye-catching commercials are preoccupied with objects arriving from outer space? It's been a while since Johnnie Walker issued a big campaign but this film from Brazil's AlmapBBDO is quite something. Part of its inspiration is derived from astronaut "Danny" Olivas who made two flights on the NASA Space Shuttle and accumulated 34 hours in total of extravehicular activity - spacewalks to you and me. He appears in the film's closing sequence to muse on the nature of isolation and what we must do to overcome its effects. Sadly, this seems a little premature just now: as a new lockdown begin in the UK, we've a while yet to wait for our own glass of celebratory whisky. But at least it's in sight.

Adbrands Daily Update 25th Sep 2020: "Doritos Wasabi". You'd never think it but this absolutely pitch-perfect ad for Wasabi-flavoured Doritos was made by Brazil's Almap BBDO agency and is designed specifically for the local market not Japan. Though most of the team behind the ad were native Brazilian, Almap sought advice on authenticity from Japanese-born intepreter Harriete Arakawa and creative consultants Gabriela and Thalita Zukeram of Two Lost Kids. The result is an affectionate homage to the land of the rising sun, in which virtually every delightfully idiosyncratic quirk of Japanese advertising and culture is present and correct.

Adbrands Daily Update 1st Jun 2020: "Rays of Sunshine". The Facebook advertising assault continues. Late last year the social media giant signed up a collection of great agencies to promote its various separate properties, and the results of that process have been arriving by drip feed over the past few days. Last week saw spots for Facebook Groups and Facebook Messenger; here's a gorgeous and timely piece of work from Brazilian powerhouse AlmapBBDO for WhatsApp, illustrating the daily exchange of photo messages between a mother and daughter, both in lockdown in their separate homes. According to AlmapBBDO creative director Pedro Corbett "We focused on stories of people alone at their homes and that didn't call for much elaborate production, only relying on what was already there to make the movie as realistic as possible. Although the production budget was not big, the quality has been the best possible. It is surprising how the hardest times can bring out the best solutions." The whole thing is very much a family affair, with everyone involved working with the resources at hand at home. Director duo the Fridman Sisters cast their own mother; her daughter is played by the wife of director of photography Pierre de Kerchove.

Adbrands Social Media 13th Jun 2019: "Bring It Back". Superb animation elevates this extraordinary film from AlmapBBDO for Mars-owned Pedigree dog food into a class of its own. The emotional dial is truly turned up to 11 throughout. As a result, cynics might find it all a bit over-wrought and overly symbolic, but even the hardest of hearts would find it hard to argue with the central argument. You can't always rely on humans, but nothing beats the unconditional love you get from a dog.

Adbrands Social Media 10th Jun 2019: "Coma: Trailer". AlmapBBDO Brazil's campaigns for the Getty Images photographic and film library are always masterpieces of creative imagination, intended to showcase the extraordinary range of content the company manages. This latest project goes one step further than anything they have done before: a 20-minute movie in three parts that was made without a single second of new footage. The first-person narrative from coma-patient David as he tries to unravel how he ended up in hospital is constructed entirely from stock imagery, ingeniously linked by a newly written script. It's a brilliant concept, executed flawlessly. Here's the trailer; click through at the end for the full film.

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