AmBev (Brazil)

AmBev, or the American Beverage Company, is the largest drinks business in Latin America, and the local arm of global brewing giant AB InBev. Although majority controlled by InBev, it retains a separate identity and its minority shares are publicly quoted on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. AmBev dominates the Brazilian market with the country's top three beers, led by Skol, and has a sizeable footprint across most other Latin markets. It several countries it has a virtual monopoly in the sector. In 2004 the company, then an independent business, agreed terms for what was effectively a reverse takeover of the world's third largest brewer Interbrew, to create InBev. That deal extended AmBev's presence into North America for the first time, with the absorption of Canadian brewer Labatt. AmBev had already been on friendly terms with North America's reigning brewery giant Anheuser-Busch for several years. That relationship got very much closer at the end of 2008 following completion of Anheuser's acquisition by InBev.  

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