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Grupo ABC is the largest marketing services group in Brazil, centred around DM9 DDB, which is the local arm of the DDB Worldwide network, and separate agency Africa. Both agencies are among the top ten by billings in Brazil. The driving force behind the group is creative guru Nizan Guanaes, previously the managing partner and controlling shareholder in DM9 DDB. He is now Brazil's most prominent advertising executive, and was described by the Financial Times in 2012 as one of the five most influential Brazilians in the world. Since 2002 he has assembled a sizeable collection of different marketing services businesses, run along similar lines to international groups such as Omnicom, which is also the global group with which ABC has the closest links. In Nov 2015, Omnicom announced plans to acquire Grupo ABC, and absorb all its various agencies into the DDB network.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Nov 2015: Omnicom's DDB network is significantly enhancing its position in Brazil with the acquisition of local marketing roll-up Grupo ABC. Price was not disclosed, but Brazilian trade paper Meio & Mensagem estimated a tag of R$1bn, or $270m, to be paid over five years. The two sides are already long-established partners: ABC controls DDB's local agency in Brazil DM9DDB. However the deal will widen Omnicom's portfolio significantly, adding ABC's other units including top ten creative agency Africa as well as Loducca and several marketing services shops. In total, Grupo ABC employs around 2,000 staff in Brazil. Co-founders Nizan Guanaes and Guga Valente are expected to remain with the business.

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