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Now part of the Publicis Worldwide network, Julio Ribeiro's Talent was one of the biggest of the locally grown independent agencies which continued to play an important part in the Brazilian advertising industry until comparatively recently. Following a full buyout in 2013, it was aligned with Publicis Worldwide's satellite agency in Paris, Marcel, in 2015, becoming Talent Marcel.

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Adbrands Social Media 4th Dec 2018: "Chase". It's just like every day in the Adbrands office... Talent Marcel in Sao Paulo is behind this insane campaign for a new guarana-enhanced version of popular soft drink Itubaina, from what is now Heineken Brazil. (It was previously part of the old Schincariol brewery business, bought by Heineken from Kirin last year). Clearly, the Talent creative team had consumed several cases of the caffeine-rich product before coming up with such craziness. We hope someone was able to talk them back down again.

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