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Critical Mass is a leading digital design agency, originating in Calgary, Canada but working primarily in the US. Part-owned by Omnicom since 1999, that group acquired full control of the business in 2014, and Critical Mass is now its biggest standalone digital network. Much of Critical Mass's creative production and administration is still handled out of its original HQ in Calgary, or from Costa Rica, but the sales and marketing team works out of Chicago, and there are three other account management offices in the US as well as outposts in Hong Kong, Brazil and the UK. The latter was formed from the absorption of local Omnicom-owned unit Agency Republic. The Chicago office also houses social media subsidiary Zocalo Group, acquired at the end of 2015. Critical Mass offers a full range of services from digital design, media, technology, consultancy and social media. Dianne Wilkins is the company's long-serving CEO, appointed to that role in 2006. Chris Gokiert is president, with Conor Brady as chief creative officer. Advertising Age estimated global revenues of $162m in 2017. The company was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Ted Hellard to market a CD-ROM guide to playing better golf. Hellard approached a number of major marketers, pitching the CD as a promotional tool. One such customer, Mercedes-Benz USA, declined the offer of golf CD but asked if Hellard was able to put together a website for them. Further work followed. Ted Hellard stepped down from day-to-day involvement with the business in 2003, and the following year acquired Canadian football team the Calgary Stampeders. In 2018 he became chairman of Sundial Growers, a producer of medical cannabis.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Nov 2015: Omnicom is merging Chicago-based social media agency Zocalo Group, currently a unit of PR network Ketchum, into its larger sibling Critical Mass. Omnicom acquired the business in 2007, aligning it with Ketchum. However, "the synergies really were not there in the way I think we all had hoped they would be," according to Zocalo Group founder and CEO Paul Rand. "In turn, Critical Mass certainly had some social capabilities, but it wasn't their core. They found they were getting more and more requests for social and word-of-mouth and influencer things and turning them down. It became a growth opportunity."

Adbrands Weekly Update 9th Jan 2014: Omnicom's standalone UK digital shop Agency Republic is being absorbed into global network Critical Mass. The latter already has a field office in London, but this will be upgraded to a full-service operation following the injection of Agency Republic, whose management team will take over control of the combined business. Agency Republic was originally created in 2001 as a joint venture between the UK office of one-time interactive giant and direct marketer Claydon Heeley. 

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