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Nestea is the iced tea brand owned by Nestle, but managed in several global markets by Beverage Partners Worldwide, a joint venture with Coca-Cola. Until recently, the business operated in more than 60 countries, marketing Nestea as well as other ready-to-drink chilled teas. At one stage, it also managed RTD flavoured milks and chilled coffees, including several Nescafe spin-offs. Those were excluded from the joint venture in 2007, and Coke subsequently agreed a separate joint venture with Illy Coffee to market RTD coffees. In a further restructuring in 2012, the BPW partnership was refocused on Europe, Canada and Australia, with most other territories being phased out or now managed solely by Nestle. Despite the marketing prowess of Coke and Nestlé, Nestea still sits some way behind its competitors in most markets and relies for the majority of its business on Europe and developing territories.

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