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Boots No7 "Ta Dah!" by Mother London (2011)

With the commercials industry in virtual shutdown, here's another ad we've known and loved before. Admired London agency Mother held the account for pharmacy and beauty retailer Boots for a decade and a half between 2003 and 2018, and was responsible for a succession of memorable campaigns. 'Here Come The Girls' - in which a group of female officeworkers were seen glamming up with No7 cosmetics for the Christmas party - was a huge crowd-pleaser in 2008. The year before, the agency had unveiled an equally memorable ad for Boots suncare products - 'Moment of Truth' - which focused humorously on that trepidation everyone feels when stripping off for the first time on a beach packed with holidaygoers. However our particular favourite - for the elegance of the concept as much as anything else - is the 'Ta Dah!' campaign, which launched in 2011 for Boots' No7 Protect & Perfect anti-ageing cream. These ads presented a series of vignettes, framed in the style of romantic fiction, in which different women mused on the age-defying effects of the product. Now, perhaps they weren't for everyone: there's a thin line to be sure between quiet pride and smugness, and the approach was perhaps a little too elevated for a mass market. Yet, like both those other ads - and unlike most of Boots' more recent advertising - it's a great demonstration of the Mother team's instinctive understanding of what was going on inside the customer's head, and ability to convey it in film with wit and style.

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