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Miracle Whip "Village" by McGarryBowen Chicago (2012)

One of the many victims of the global Coronavirus lockdown is the advertising production industry. It's kind of hard to make a commercial anywhere that gatherings of more than two people are prohibited. That's not to say there are no new ads surfacing - there are - but there's nothing we've seen so far that's particularly inspiring. So instead, we'll be looking backwards for the next few weeks to ads we have known and loved before. We're kicking off with a superbly funny parody of that classic American novel 'The Scarlet Letter', courtesy of McGarryBowen Chicago. The product is Kraft's - now Kraft Heinz's - Miracle Whip. That's about as close as the US gets to a Marmite-style "love it or hate it" spread. Not as a result of a strong yeasty taste like Marmite, but because Miracle Whip is widely looked down upon in the US as budget-priced mayonnaise-alike that's high on sugar and additives. Still tastes good, though. McGarryBowen's bold approach, under the over-arching concept of "Keep an Open Mouth", was to admit "it's not for everyone", but also to remind consumers not knock it if you haven't tried it. An accompanying spot borrowed a little too blatantly from the "witch" scene in 'Monty Python & The Holy Grail' ("She turned *me* into a newt!") but the 'Village' commercial is perfectly judged and amusingly original. "It carries the pox of tang!" Brilliant.

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