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Clorox Liquid Plumr "Double Impact" by DDB San Francisco (2012)

With the commercials industry in virtual shutdown, here's another ad we've known and loved before. Now, you might have to forgive us for resurrecting this little gem from DDB's West Coast office for drain cleaner Liquid Plumr, from The Clorox Company. Politically incorrect it may be, but you can't deny it's also hilarious in its reverse Benny Hill soft porn parody. It's hard to think of any other ad that makes a product as mundane as drain cleaner so, well, sexy. And in case you're wondering, most of the team behind the campaign were women - from Clorox's then-VP marketing Heidi Dorsin to DDB SF's chief creative officer Lisa Bennett and most of the creative team. However, the director - and this you just couldn't make up - was the appropriately named Clay Weiner. These were different times, of course, even if it was only eight years ago. A special mention for lead actress Jessica Makinson, an accomplished comedienne who turns in a spectacular performance. That little bit with the hair at the front door is just priceless.

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