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Toyota "Happy Together" by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand (2006)

It's hard to imagine how Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand's comedy murder-fest for Toyota ever got approved by the client, let alone the censors. Clearly, sensitivities are different down there in the Southern hemisphere. Yet thank heavens it did, because this Tom & Jerry-style rampage is pure fun from start to finish. The Rav 4 is so amazing to drive that this husband and wife will do literally anything to prevent each other from being the first out of the house in the morning to get the car for the day. The creative team headed by Toby Talbot managed to find numerous ingeniously comic ways to dispose of an unwanted rival, and the whole confection is overseen masterfully by star director Paul Middleditch, also the man behind the camera for another Antipodean classic, Carlton Draught's 'Big Ad'. It's that final gag, though, the one which suggests this battle royale isn't over just yet, that really puts the cherry on top. Deeply incorrect but totally brilliant.

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