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Volkswagen "Enjoy The Everyday" by DDB London (2008)

With the commercials industry in virtual shutdown, here's another ad we've known and loved before. There are plenty of classic Volkswagen ads to choose from among the many produced by DDB London under Jeremy Craigen's ten-year tenure as executive creative director (and subsequent two-year stint as global ECD at DDB for VW) but this one is really special. Graeme Hall and Noah Regan were the creative team, but they share honours with Paul Hartnoll of electronic dance music duo Orbital, who compiled the spectacular soundtrack that forms the backbone for the film. This comprises the everyday ambient sounds surrounding one particular VW Golf, as they were recorded during the course of the shoot, but spliced together to form an irresistible rhythmic pattern. Never before or since has the mundane been quite so compelling. The unnamed editor who spliced the whole thing together also deserves plaudits. Forty seconds of sheer brilliance.

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