China Mobile (China)

China Mobile is the world's biggest mobile telecoms provider, with almost 850m subscribers by the end of 2016. As a result of the rapid expansion of that market since 2010, almost two-thirds of those customers now take 4G services, compared to none at all in 2013. The main commercial brand used for mobile services is "and!". The group operates through 31 wholly owned regional subsidiaries, each managing services in an individual province of this vast country, linked via a vast network of cellular base stations. China Mobile has strategic alliances with several Western companies including Vodafone and News Corp's Asian broadcast subsidiaries Phoenix and StarTV. It began offering Apple's iPhone to customers for the first time in 2014. It has also established a presence in neighbouring Asian markets including Pakistan, Taiwan and India. The company issued an IPO in 2000, but the Chinese government remains its biggest shareholder with around 74%. Shang Bing is chairman, with Li Yue as CEO. Revenues for 2015 were RMB 668bn (around $103bn), but profits remain below past highs as a result of China's slowing economy, and heavy capital investment in 4G network infrastructure. The group dominates the local wireless market with around 63% market share, but main competitors China Unicom and China Telecom, though predominantly fixed line providers, have themselves moved aggressively into 4G services as well in recent years. China Mobile has responded with its own move into fixed line broadband. The business was actually created in 1997 from the spin-off of China Telecom's fledgling wireless service as a separate company headquartered in Hong Kong, and its subsequent acquisition of a series of smaller regional mobile providers. Adbrands no longer offers a business profile for this company but subscribers may access account assignments and contact information. The searchable account assignments database is available to full subscribers to premium services. Click here to access Adbrands account assignments (subscribers only); or see here for information on how to subscribe. See also Telecoms sector index.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Dec 2013: After months if not years of negotiation, Apple finally agreed terms with China Mobile, the world's biggest mobile carrier by subscribers but among the last hold-outs not already offering iPhones to its customers. The main reason is that China Mobile's homegrown 3G technology is largely incompatible with iPhones, forcing subscribers who have acquired network-free iPhones at great expense elsewhere to make do with 2G and wifi. China Mobile will most likely now offer iPhones only with its soon-to-launch 4G service, for which it also secured the license this week. That could boost iPhone sales by as much as 20m units a year, a 15%-20% increase on current volumes. China Mobile's total subscriber base is over 700m users, seven times higher than Verizon Wireless.

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