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Edeka is Germany's biggest food retailer by far, comprising seven regional wholesale groups and 11,207 outlets by the end of 2019, owned and run by some 3,700 independent operators. The total includes around 370 supermarkets acquired in 2016 from rival Tengelmann, two years after the purchase was agreed. (Edeka was obliged to offload some Kaiser's-branded stores to rival REWE which had launched a legal challenge to the original deal). The group also has a substantial presence in the discount segment as local licensee for the Netto brand, the German #3 in this sector behind Aldi and Lidl. Unlike rivals REWE, Aldi or Lidl, Edeka operates almost exclusively in Germany, though it is also a key member of international buying alliance Alidis, whose other members include France's Intermarché and Spain's Eroski, Conad of Italy and Coop Switzerland. It also has a minority holding in Picnic, a Dutch online grocer which also has operations in Germany. In recent years, Edeka began flexing its muscles in Germany to negotiate even better prices from some key suppliers. Its first target was Nestlé. A selective boycott of that company's brands led to lower wholesale prices, and a similar exercise temporarily removed more than 50 products sold by Mars, Red Bull and Heineken in the run-up to Christmas 2018. Edeka Group's gross revenues for 2019 were €61.9bn, equivalent to almost 25% grocery market share, and more than €15bn higher than the domestic revenues of nearest rivals REWE and Schwarz Group (Lidl). Markus Mosa is CEO. The business was originally created in 1898 as the Einkaufsgenossenschaft der Kolonialwarenhaendler, or "purchasing cooperative for colonial goods". This was abbreviated to EdK, and later Edeka.

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Adbrands Daily Update 30th Jun 2021: "Super Marc". Just a couple of posts ago, we were talking about supermarket ads. Well, I can guarantee you've never seen one quite like this, from Jung von Matt, for Germany's market-leading Edeka chain. We've come to expect rural charm and gentle humour from French grocers, but when it comes to in-your-face creative excess, no one does it better than German retailers. JvM recruited YouTube star (and dressing-gown devotee) Marc Rebillet to wire for sound the groceries in one Edeka outlet to form a vast virtual keyboard. This is the extraordinary result. You'll be humming that tune for days.

Adbrands Daily Update 15th Dec 2020: "The Christmas Story Of Herr Schmidt". German creative powerhouse Jung von Matt seems to have become the go-to agency for emotion-rich Christmas films. A fine campaign for pharmacy DocMorris has already earned considerable attention on social media: it featured an old man who starts weight training again, to the bemusement of his neighbours, to prepare for lifting his granddaughter up to put the star atop the Christmas tree. This one, for leading supermarket chain Edeka, is even better. There's another old man and more neighbours, but the tone here is darker. This grumpy old man doesn't have a family of his own to care for him and then discovers he has Covid. But it's also more inclusive: his neighbours, a Turkish Muslim family, come to his aid. There's an important message here. This Christmas, as never before, we should be putting aside our differences and helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd Aug 2018: Ads of the Week: "Nettobabies". Remember those beloved Evian Babies? Looks like they grew up (a very little bit) and formed a punk band. Jung von Matt's extraordinary new spot for Netto - the discount store owned by German supermarket giant Edeka - offers a cry from the heart from every baby who has ever been forced to eat vegetables. The lyrics go something like this: "Oh no! Is that broccoli? Absolutely disgusting. I've had enough of vegetables. You can stick it where the sun don't shine!" Tough luck, kiddo. Netto's regional selection of fruit and vegetables are the best. Fabulous. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 22nd Feb 2018: German newspaper SZ reported that leading supermarket chain Edeka has threatened to stop stocking more than 160 Nestle brands in a row over pricing. Edeka, in conjunction with its buying partners Intermarche of France and Coop Switzerland, claims that Nestle offers preferential pricing to their rivals Aldi and REWE.

Adbrands Weekly Update 30th Nov 2017: Ads of the Week: "Christmas 2117". This latecomer Christmas spot from Jung von Matt for German supermarket Edeka might just be one of the best of the holiday season. Yes, it borrows influences from several other sources, not least Pixar's Wall-E movie, but still has a distinct character all its own, as well as some superb digital work. And the final sequence delivers a warm glow of joy and inclusiveness, and that, after all, is what Christmas is all about. The tag line doesn't quite work in translation, but it's something like, "Without love, it's not Christmas". First rate. Merry Christmas, one and all!

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Aug 2017: Ads of the Week: "How Panda Are You?". Here's another great campaign from Jung von Matt for leading German supermarket Edeka, this time celebrating the store's tie-up with the WWF to promote conservation and environmental issues. "How Panda Are You?" is the idea - and JvM take that creative concept at face value, quite literally in fact. You might not grasp what's going on until the final frame - it's a reference to the WWF logo of course - but this is a charming idea. Even if it's a shame we don't get to see the full Panda, so to speak. German advertising can often be a little basic on the creative side, but JvM is one agency we can always rely on to go above and beyond the general standard. 

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