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Grey Group Germany is traditionally regarded as the country's #2 marketing services group behind BBDO. However performance has been flat since the late 2000s, and was badly dented in 2012 by the bankruptcy of the drugstore chain Schlecker, a major client. This prompted a change of senior management, and a new operating structure. Performance has gradually improved.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week "Lovely Skirt". A special award is owed to whichever researcher trawled the archives on behalf of Grey Germany for this new pan-Euro campaign for P&G's Lenor. And also the editor who stitched the results together in such an entertaining fashion. Four separate ads celebrate different items of clothing which can be enhanced by the fabric softener in question. This one for the humble skirt is the best of the collection, with a fine selection of edits and an engaging and unusual voiceover. Is that an Icelandic accent? It's a charmer. For proof of the efficacy of good v/o talent, have a quick look (over on our Facebook page) of one of the other ads, with a considerably less interesting male voice.

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