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Jung von Matt is one of Germany's biggest and most admired independent marketing groups, built around a highly regarded creative shop whose two founders were once described by news magazine Der Spiegel as the "pop stars of German advertising". There are now more than 25 agencies under the overall umbrella of Jung von Matt, spread across nine countries, although several of them work out of the same street in Hamburg. To differentiate between the agencies, each one is named not by city but by its biggest local river. The main agency in Hamburg, for example, is Jung von Matt/Alster after the river Alster, and Berlin is JvM/Spree after that city's principal waterway. The group has also assembled a substantial collection of satellite agencies offering more specialised services. They include direct & digital JvM/next, and JvM-branded design, event marketing, sports sponsorship, PR and planning units, branded content agency 7Seas, public affairs consultancy Navos and a music consulting unit, White Horse. There is also a joint venture with Mediaplus, the dedicated arm of main independent rival Serviceplan, to offer media planning and buying. Jung von Matt's combined revenues for 2018 were around €85m. The group is best known for its work in Germany but it also operates an extensive global network with outposts in eight other European countries (including Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic) and also in China. Jung von Matt is privately owned by its founders and an employee committee. The two founders now hold primarily advisory roles. Jean-Remy von Matt remains a member of the executive board, and is group executive creative director; Holger Jung is still involved on a part-time basis and as senior account director. Peter Figge is group chief executive, with Goetz Ulmer as creativity director.

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Adbrands Daily Update 4th Dec 2019: "Hanna Bumblebee". And still the Christmas ads keep coming... Jung von Matt teams up once again with Passion Studios' director duo Kyra & Constantin for this delightful feelgood film for Austria's Erste Bank. You might remember a similiarly adorable film from the same team last year about a young hedgehog struggling to fit in at a new school. The new spot offers the same message of self-belief and determination, based around the so-called bumblebee paradox. It is indeed one of the mysteries of the natural world that bumblebees, with their small wings and large bodies, can defy the apparent laws of physics and fly. This film explains why: it's all to do with the power of love. Ahhhhhh!

Adbrands Daily Update 2nd Oct 2019: "The Small Escape". November marks the 30th anniversary of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, and a number of German advertisers are planning to celebrate that milestone. BMW gets in early with this fine cinematic-style drama from Jung von Matt (surely earning themselves some extra points towards the carmaker's new account review). It's odd to think now that BMW ever made bubble cars like the tiny Isetta, originally licensed from an Italian manufacturer rather than built in-house. Few post-war German families could afford a real car, so bubble cars like this, built around a motorcycle engine, were really the only affordable solution. And this is actually a true story about Klaus-Gunter Jacobi - now a guide at the Berlin Wall Museum - who helped several friends escape from East Germany in his modified car.

Adbrands Social Media 22nd May 2019: "The Last Day". Dieter Zetsche is one of Germany's corporate superstars, and something close to a household name, not least because of his signature handlebar moustache. He is the man who has led automotive giant Daimler since 2006, and who oversaw the remarkable resurrection of the Mercedes-Benz brand. This week he retired from executive duties (becoming instead chairman of Daimler's supervisory board). Arch-rival BMW overtook Mercedes as the world's top luxury car brand in 2006, but were themselves pushed back into second place again in 2016. The two companies' rivalry burns as brightly as ever, but so does their mutual respect. The Munich carmaker has released this generous and charming tribute to their former nemesis, courtesy of Jung von Matt. It's the prestige equivalent of a bumper sticker that says "My other car is a BMW".

Adbrands Social Media 26th Mar 2019: "Drive It". German creative agencies are throwing down the gauntlet as never before to their US counterparts when it comes to homegrown auto brands. We've recently featured two fine English language films from Antoni Berlin for Mercedes-Benz; now it's the turn of Jung von Matt - nominally only BMW's main digital agency in Germany - to mount a challenge to the carmaker's US incumbent Goodby Silverstein, with a superb spot that is clearly intended for American consumption. It's a lovely piece of work that will go down a storm in big US cities.

Adbrands Social Media 12th Dec 2018: "Believe in Love". In the world of animated commercials, Passion Pictures is king, and never more so than when director duo Kyra & Constantin are behind the camera. If you've ever loved an animated ad featuring animals, chances are it was directed by them; cute creatures tend to be their particular domain. Their latest miniature masterpiece is this adorable and heart-warming film developed by Jung von Matt Austria for Erste Bank, a leading financial services provider in Central & Eastern Europe. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll end up with a fuzzy warm feeling all over. Yes, it's soppy, but hey it's Christmas.

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