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Serviceplan is Germany's biggest independent marketing group, privately owned and run by the Haller family. In recent years, following the appointment of group creative director Alex Schill, the agency has also developed a growing reputation as one of the country's most creative agencies. In 2013, it was named the local #1 for creativity by trade magazine HorizonT, and has generally remained among the top three since then. The main Serviceplan creative business (and its satellite agency St Elmo's) are partnered by digital unit - now the local leader in Germany - as well as media shop Mediaplus (a joint venture with Jung von Matt), market research specialist Facit and production platform Solutions. The agency has also steadily expanded its footprint into other European markets, most notably France, and also several countries in Asia. There is a strategic alliance in the UK with Unlimited Group, and across North and South America with Ariadna Communications. For the year to June 2018, group revenues hit a new record of €415m. The majority of revenues are still generated in Germany - where Serviceplan is more than three times the size of the next biggest independent Jung von Matt - but international sales reached a high of €91m. The group was founded in Munich in 1970 by Swiss-born marketing executive Peter Haller. The business is still controlled by him, together with his son Florian Haller as group CEO and Ronald Focken as managing director.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Weekly Update:

Adbrands Social Media 28th Feb 2019: "Dabei: Be There". It took not one but two agencies to deliver the new domestic branding campaign for German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom - ultimate owners, as our US readers probably already realise, of the T-Mobile brand. House agencies DDB and Serviceplan worked together on the campaign to ensure that it's really not one you could possibly overlook. 'Dabei' literally means "there", but in the sense of "Be There" - or as this campaign entreats - "Let's All Be There Together". In a world where most telecoms companies tend to go for greater subtlety, this In Your Face approach certainly makes you sit up and pay attention.

Adbrands Social Media 13th Feb 2019: "Your Turn". Germany agency Serviceplan continues to go from strength to strength creatively with this clever - if slightly alarming - stunt on behalf of World Animal Protection, an NGO that campaigns for better conditions for farm animals. We're glad those hapless commuters took it all so (comparatively) calmly. You have to feel especially sorry for the mum with two small children. Lucky volunteers, too, that they got the chance to explain the charity's work to the newly released human guinea pigs instead of getting punched out!

Adbrands Daily Update 15th Jan 2019: British marketing group Unlimited takes a big step onto the global stage with the creation of a three-way strategic alliance with Japan's second-largest agency Hakuhodo and Europe's biggest independent Serviceplan. No equity is being swapped but the groups will each offer representation for the others in their respective markets. There is currently little overlap between the three businesses. Unlimited operates primarily in the UK; Hakuhodo mainly in Japan and South East Asia; and Serviceplan in multiple countries across continental Europe as well as the US and China. A key factor in the partnership is the pan-European Honda account, unexpectedly won by Hakuhodo last year, despite its lack of a sizeable exisiting presence in the region.

Adbrands Social Media 7th Jan 2019: "Organic For Everyone". Here's a lovely start to 2019 from Serviceplan for German discounter Penny, which envisions an ordinary urban environment overgrown with an abundance of nature. It's a ravishing concept, illustrated by a succession of beautifully extravagant images. Our particular favourite is one of the quirkiest: the guy plucking rooftop-grown carrots through the ceiling of his flat. One side-note: we don't imagine indie musician Edward Barton ever imagined that the ethereal poem 'It's Fine Day' recorded a cappella by his girlfriend Jane in 1982 would be used in a German supermarket ad almost 40 years later. We hope he retained rights; he could probably do with the cash.

Adbrands Social Media 8th Nov 2018: "The 8". As if Venice doesn't already have enough problems, what with cruise ships the size of planets and catastrophic flooding, the city now has to cope with BMW enthusiasts driving their new toys along the most inappropriate alleyways and wharves. Serviceplan's new international campaign is here to launch the luxurious new 8 series coupe. It's rather handsome, but too much of good thing will send that poor city to the bottom of the lagoon even faster than anticipated. Thank heavens it's all just (mostly) CGI!

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