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Arla Foods is now the world's 4th largest milk processor by intake, having developed a wide international footprint through the acquisition of local competitors. Headquartered in Denmark, it is a co-op jointly owned by around 9,400 dairy farmers across seven European countries. Its biggest single market by sales is the UK where it acquired the former Express Dairies business in 2003. A merger with Milk Link in 2012 made it the country's biggest dairy processor, and a similar substantial merger was negotiated in Germany. The group has also established a foothold in markets as diverse as the US, West Africa, Saudi Arabia and China. (It secured rights to market Kraft cheese in the Middle East in 2019). For now, though, Europe is still its main sphere of activity. Arla's most important product is fresh milk, accounting for just under half of sales, much of it supplied to supermarkets on an own-label basis, or packaged under the Arla name or other brands including Cravendale and Lactofree in the UK. The group also produces cheese, butter, powdered milk and other products. Its biggest international brand is Lurpak, the #1 branded spread in several countries including the UK, where it also markets the Anchor brand (the local #2 brand) under license from Fonterra. (In the UK, Lurpak and Anchor dominate the local spreads sector with sales of £92m and £32m respectively in ye 2020, more than all the other branded competitors combined). Arla's international cheese brands include Castello, Puck, Apetina and Buko, and it also holds the license to make and market all Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages across the EMEA region. The group sold its remaining non-dairy division, a fruit juice business in Scandinavia, in 2016. Peder Tuborgh is CEO. Revenues for 2020 were €10.6bn, of which €2.7bn came from the UK. It is the UK's single biggest dairy producer, just ahead of Muller. Group net profit for 2020 was €352m. The current business was formed in 1999 from the merger of two separate co-ops in Scandinavia, MD Foods of Denmark and the original Arla of Sweden. Both associations trace their roots back to the 1880s. The "Lur", in Lurpak, is an ancient form of trumpet found mostly in Denmark. It was established in 1888 as the main quality mark for all the country's exported butter.

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