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BBDO has a major presence in Spain. It is one of the country's biggest marketing groups, operating through several different brands. There are two main branded outposts of the main BBDO Worldwide. Tiempo BBDO in Barcelona was originally was founded in 1965 as Tiempo Synergie by Leopoldo Rodes (subsequently creator of what was later Havas Media). BBDO acquired a minority stake in 1976, and bought out Rodes' remaining shares in 1985. Separately the group acquired a 30% stake in independent Contrapunto in 1983 and increased its shareholding to 75% in 1992. Contrapunto's Madrid office adopted the BBDO banner in 2010, becoming Contrapunto BBDO. Both agencies have a well-established reputation for excellent creative work. Tiempo suffered a serious blow in 2000 with the loss of several senior managers (to launch Sra Rushmore). As a result, it has gradually been overtaken as the group's lead agency in Spain by Contrapunto. Perhaps confusingly, though they maintain separate corporate identities both Tiempo BBDO and Contrapunto BBDO now operate out of the same two offices in both Barcelona and Madrid. Subsidiary units include the local arm of the Proximity integrated network - folded back into the main BBDO agencies in 2020 - as well as design and packaging agency DEC. David Coral is chairman of BBDO Iberia.

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Adbrands Daily Update 25th Nov 2020: "Sharing As Never Before". If Spain has an equivalent to the John Lewis ad in the UK - the big budget commercial that everyone waits for, the one that marks the official start of Christmas - then it's the film for the Loteria de Navidad, the Christmas Lottery. This annual draw has developed a culture all its own, becoming a landmark in the Spanish year. Tickets are special in their own right - they now cost €200 each, but can be shared with others in batches of €20 apiece. As a result, for decades, family members have given the tickets to one another as a Christmas present; or office workers group together as syndicates to share potential winnings; and people give tickets to one another as a mark of friendship or special gratitude. Unlike many other lotteries there's quite a high chance of winning something, even if it's not the grand prize, El Gordo. But win or lose, here as nowhere else, it's the thought that counts. All of this is captured beautifully in this year's film, from Contrapunto BBDO, in which different families and friends mark life's big changes with the gift of a ticket.

Adbrands Daily Update 20th Nov 2019: "Ramon & Jose". If Spain has a spiritual equivalent to the UK's annual John Lewis Christmas ad, it's the film for the Loteria de Navidad, the Christmas Lottery. Ever since the heartwarming and multi-award-winning Justino animation a few years back, that's the ad event that captures the whole country's attention. So does the lottery itself, of course, a cultural tradition that all of Spain gets involved in. It's commonplace for people to buy tickets as gifts, or for workmates to team up for a syndicate ticket. It's a big deal. This year, agency Contrapunto BBDO has come up with four films instead of the usual one. They're also rather more down-to-earth than some past efforts, but still with a firm focus on emotional connections. All four are fine pieces of work, but this one is our particular favourite: a situation with which every father will be familiar. It's also more light-hearted than the other three, which tug rather harder on the emotional heart-strings.

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