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Tequila Worldwide

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Tequila Worldwide was an integrated marketing network operating until around 2010 within the TBWA Worldwide group. It offered a variety of below-the-line services including direct marketing, database management and sales promotion. However, during 2010 and 2011 the brand was largely phased out, with most outposts either absorbed into the main TBWA outpost, or into sister units Being (in the US, UK and France) or Integer Group. TBWA's digital offering was relaunched in 2012 as TBWA Digital Arts Network or DAN. The Tequila brand is occasionally resurrected, usually only temporarily, in different regional markets to handle conflict brands, but has been terminated as an official network.

The Tequila brand was founded in France in 1986, originally as part of the BDDP group, and its first international office was established in London in 1992, with the acquisition of local agency Mia Dickson Associates. Following BDDP's merger with first GGT and then with the TBWA network, the Tequila brand gradually unrolled worldwide, starting with Singapore in 1996. In London, Tequila merged with local agency Option One in 1997, and then with TBWA-owned Payne Stracey two years later. The biggest development was a move into North America in 2002, where Tequila opened five offices across the US and one in Canada. The first Latin American offices opened in 2003. In 2004, the London office of Tequila finally absorbed sister direct marketing agency TBWA\GGT, the last relic of the once supreme GGT brand (whose old offices they now inhabit). Jeremy Pagden was appointed as worldwide CEO of Tequila in 2005, and the agency's HQ shifted at around the same time from London to New York. 

Tequila\Digital was a separate division, offering interactive services; however several international outposts of Tequila\Digital rebranded in 2006 as offices of Agency.com, also by then aligned within Omnicom with the TBWA group. By the beginning of 2011, however, TBWA had begun to tinker with the Tequila structure. In January that year, the UK office was merged with the local Agency.com outpost, and adopted the new name Being. That brand already has outposts in New York and Paris. Most of the remaining Tequila outposts subsequently adopted the Integer name, with Jeremy Pagden named as chairman.

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* Archive page for historical reference only. This profile is no longer being actively updated.

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