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Zentropy Partners was a well-respected but comparatively short-lived digital - or "new media" as it was known then - network within Interpublic. It was absorped into sister network MRM in 2004. The Zentropy network was originally created in 1998 when IPG acquired a minority stake in what was then an independent agency, Zentropy Interactive, though its Western International media division (later rebranded as Initiative). Based in Los Angeles since 1996, Zentropy boasted clients including Dreyer's ice cream and Neutrogena. A year later, the various other digital arms within the McCann group, including Thunder House, Anderson & Lembke Interactive, Hill Holliday Interactive, Shandwick Interactive and others in the US, APL Digital of the UK (formerly part of Ammirati Puris Lintas), and MDEO in France were all merged under the Zentropy Partners umbrella. At the same time the group was established as a separate operating unit within Interpublic, riding the crest of the internet wave. But when the dotcom bubble burst the following year, Zentropy was hit hard by bad debt, staff defections and stalling new business. IPG gradually withdrew Zentropy's independence. The US outposts were merged with MRM in 2001; and the smaller network's international outposts gradually followed suit over the next three years. The Zentropy was finally dropped altogether at the end of 2004. Zentropy's collection of customer publishing agencies, including TPD and Just in the UK and Fluent in the US, were rebranded under the umbrella of The Publishing Agency, but were later sold back to management in 2005. 

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