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Family-owned Clarins is one of the world's most celebrated skincare brands, and a leader at the prestige end of the market, especially in Europe. The core brand encompasses an extensive collection of face and body care, firming and anti-aging products as well as sun care and make-up. It was among first skincare products to specialise in natural, botanical and hypoallergenic ingredients, and the first company in France to stop animal testing in the 1980s. Until recently, the Clarins brand was partnered by a small but important fragrance portfolio comprising Thierry Mugler (best-known for its Angel and Alien brand families) and Azzaro. It owned both brands outright, including their fashion businesses. However both brands (as well as the Mugler fashion business) were sold in 2020 to L'Oreal for an undisclosed sum, to allow Clarins to concentrate its full attention on its eponymous brand and personalised skincare regime My Blend. Founder Jacques Courtin was a trained masseur who began to develop his own range of plant-derived treatment oils in the early 1950s. He set up his "beauty institute" in Paris in 1954, and named it Clarins after a character he had once played in a school drama. He began selling his products in pharmacies in the 1960s and via department stores in the 1970s, changing his own name to Courtin-Clarins in 1978. His sons Christian and Olivier Courtin-Clarins are chairman and vice chairman respectively; they took the business private - it had previously been publicy quoted - in 2008; their daughters are also board directors. Jonathan Zrihen suceeded Philip Shearer as group CEO in 2015. Revenues for the Groupe are around €1.6bn, of which more than half came from skincare and over a third from fragrances. The disposal of Mugler and Azzaro will reduce that figure to around €1.25bn.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Jul 2019: Clarins is in exclusive negotiations to sell its Mugler and Azzaro fragrance brands - with sales of around €340m - to L'Oreal. If completed, the deal will allow Clarins to focus exclusively on its eponymous beauty brand. It's unclear what will happen to the associated Mugler and Azzaro fashion businesses. [Updated: The deal was agreed in Oct 2019. No price was disclosed.]

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