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Fred & Farid Group is one of France's biggest and most admired independent agencies, the vehicle for multi-award-winning creative team Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart, whose CVs included stints at such noted agencies as Goodby Silverstein, BBH London, and latterly at Publicis Groupe. There they launched the Marcel creative boutique, before jumping ship in 2006 to start their own agency with private financial backing from then-Havas chairman Vincent Bolloré. (Early partner Christophe Lambert moved on in 2008 leaving Fred & Farid with 70% of the business. Bolloré retains the remaining shares, though the agency operates entirely separately from Havas Group or Vivendi). The group launched its first international outpost, in China, towards the end of 2012. Further international offices have followed including outposts in New York, from 2015, and in Los Angeles as well in 2017. The agency has gradually evolved into a specialist in either consumer-facing technology or luxury brands.

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Capsule checked 22nd June 2021

Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Daily Update 17th Nov 2020: "Très Paris". Ah, Paris. There's just something about that damn city... Fred & Farid's debut for luxury bag designer Longchamp, directed by Lope Serrano, is a delightful eight-minute film about two girls, two Longchamp Roseau bags, a kitten and a souvenir of the Eiffel Tower. Eight minutes is perhaps a bit too long, but every time I thought I'd stop watching now, I didn't. Perhaps it's the charming performances from actresses Amber Anderson and Mathilde Olliver, or just one's own warm memories of Paris in the early hours. Famously, if you've never seen Paris waking up after a night on the town, then you haven't seen Paris.

Adbrands Daily Update 22nd Apr 2020: "Our House Is On Fire". The Coronavirus crisis has rather overshadowed the continuing climate emergency, but even with the temporary respite from reduced emissions under lockdown, that underlying problem continues, and will return with a vengeance when current restrictions are eased. This might not be the best time to release this powerful public service message, crafted by FF Los Angeles for activist Greta Thunberg's Fridays For Future lobbying group. But its power is undiminished, despite what is currently the slightly unusual sight of parents talking about working late at the office and seeing off their kids to school. The ad takes as its starting point Thunberg's emotional call for action to world leaders at Davos, when she warned "Our house is on fire."

Adbrands Social Media 2nd Jul 2019: "Be You". These days you never know who might be watching you via your laptop webcam... so HP came up with a clever little add-on for its Spectre x360 device. There's a kill switch on the side so you can be sure you're not being observed while occupying yourself with all those intimate activities like, ahem, "eating cake" or putting "cheetos" up your nose. The ad from FF Creative (formerly Fred & Farid) has come up with a load of such visual euphemisms for other activities that would be considerably more embarrassing than making foam hair-spikes or shaving your armpits. Another execution makes fun of all the items - like sticking plasters or chewing gum - that people use to cover the camera lens. The only problem is remembering to flick the switch in the first place... Perhaps they could make another switch that reminds you to flick the switch.

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th May 2018: Ads Of The Week: "Loud & Clear". There was a time when Stolichnaya was second only to Smirnoff as the world's best-known and most widely consumed vodka. However, times change, and Glasnost unleashed a flood of rivals, distilled not just in Russia but also around the globe (like Sweden's Absolut and France's Grey Goose). It's taken a while, but now Stoli wants its ball back. Fred & Farid oversaw this spectacular new global spot - you'll be stirred as well as shaken - and roped in big guns like Hans Zimmer for the soundtrack, Oscar-nommed Rachel Morrison as DP and Rankin for the accompanying print campaign. Fine work, all round. Watch out, rival vodkas, the Russian master is back in town. Turn up your speakers and expand to full screen! 

Adbrands Weekly Update 16th April 2015: Ads of the Week "Redkiss". A gorgeous sexy ad for the latest Diesel Loverdose fragrance extension Redkiss. We at Adbrands often give perfume ads a hard time for their brainless posturing, but this one is just great. No supermodels striking a deadpan pose here, simply a barrage of sexy, strange and sometime psychotic fast-cut images. Love it. Fred & Farid developed the spot, with prodco Wanda Paris.

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