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Havas is arguably the leading advertising agency in its home market though it trails Publicis on the global stage. The main network agency of Havas Paris is partnered by a collection of standalone creative agencies, of which the most notable are BETC, Rosapark and what is now Humanseven (formerly Les Gaulois). The group's French operations have been restructured several times since the 1990s, most dramatically with the phase-out of the old Euro RSCG banner in September 2012 in favour of Havas Worldwide. 

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Adbrands Weekly Update 4th Oct 2018: Havas said it will merge its Paris-based standalone agency Humanseven into the main outpost of Havas creative by the end of the year. A new Havas Seven unit will survive the merger, but the two agencies will be structurally unified. Humanseven's president Elizabeth Billiemaz is joining the main agency as EVP, advertising expertise & creative excellence, but creative chief Xavier Beauregard is departing the group.

Adbrands Social Media 18th Sep 2018: "Big Stories". BETC Paris has come up with a movie-themed love story to promote a new subscription pass for France's leading cinema chain Pathe Gaumont. It's a riff on the age-old story of Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy wins Girl back again, but told without any words other than those provided by a series of classic movies. It's a simple idea, executed with great charm, and boasting a cute little final gag. Those French guys, always playing hard to get in the end...! 

Adbrands Weekly Update 18th Apr 2018: Ads of the Week: "What Do You Expect?". It's hard keeping track of the Schweppes brand. Everyone knows it, but even just here in Europe ownership is split between multiple different companies, each with a very different approach to their marketing. Here in the UK (and also C&E Europe), it's a Coca-Cola brand, currently being promoted with a terrible film featuring a squinty bloke with a bad voiceover talking to camera. How much better is this spot from BETC Paris for Schweppes across much of Southern Europe, where it's part of Suntory's Orangina portfolio? No idea what's going on - is it some kind of obscure in-joke about that withdrawn Heineken Light ad, which had a similar bar-top slide? - but it looks gorgeous. (And don't even get us started on Germany where it's owned by someone else entirely, the brewer Krombacher, but has at least had the benefit of some decent marketing... You can see both the other ads over on our Facebook page).

Adbrands Social Media 18th Apr 2018: "The Worst Song in the World". Havas-owned Rosapark puts the boot into 80s music and especially those accompanying videos in an entertaining spot for supermarket Monoprix. In all honesty the gag is a bit of a stretch. Why doesn't she just turn it off if it's so awful? Well we won't spoil the groan-worthy punchline. But even if the concept lacks conviction the execution is pretty flawless. There have been many not-so-fond pastiches of 80s music videos over the years, but this is definitely the best-worst we've ever seen. We particularly like the vfx on that saxophone solo. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Apr 2018: Ads of the Week: "The Hitchhiker". Traction, Havas Group's new dedicated agency for Citroen, unveiled its first campaign, and it's a loving and lovely retrospective of some of the client's most celebrated vehicles. "Some", indeed, because, bizarrely, the car most indelibly associated with the Citroen name is missing from this trip down memory lane. The original, bizarre, almost frog-like Citroen DS, a French design classic of the mid-1950s, has been omitted, presumably because of parent group PSA's ill-conceived idea to spin off the DS line as a separate range a few years ago. Would it really have been too confusing to include it? It has far more resonance with most viewers than many of the cars that did make the final cut. 

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