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Intermarché is France's third-largest supermarket chain with around 16% market share in 2020. It is the largest of several retail brands under the overall banner of Les Mousquetaires (or "The Musketeers"), a cooperative of more than 3,000 independent store owners who run their own outlets under shared national brands, with manufacturing and buying managed centrally. It is France's biggest private label food producer, and the 4th biggest overall, with over 60 factories and manufacturing units across the country. Intermarché operates several store formats from hypermarkets to convenience stores. Other chains within the group include hard discounter Netto (under license from Denmark's Sailing Group), DIY chain Bricomarché and Roady auto maintenance & repair shops. (Family restaurant chain Poivre Rouge was sold in 2019). The total number of outlets by the end of 2019 were 3,956 stores, of which almost 3,200 were in France. The group was created in 1969 as a breakaway from the E Leclerc co-operative by store manager Jean-Pierre Le Roch. Along with 75 other Leclerc stores Le Roch established a new group, originally known as EX until it adopted the Intermarché name in 1973. Gradually, the co-op added new storeowners, jointly controlled food production facilities, and then additional retail formats. The "Musketeers" name was selected for the central co-operative in 1973 in homage to novelist Alexandre Dumas' famous Three Musketeers: "All for one and one for all". The Intermarché chain operates mainly in France, with around 1,850 stores nationally, although it also has a presence in Portugal, Poland and Belgium. It is also a founding member of what is now the Alidis buying partnership, alongside Spanish retail group Eroski, Edeka of Germany, CONAD of Italy, Coop Switzerland and Belgium's Colruyt. Combined revenues for Les Mousquetaires in 2019 were €45.3bn (including petrol). Intermarché alone accounted for around three-quarters of that total, and operations in France for 70%. Didier Duhaupand is chairman of Les Mousquetaires; with Vincent Bronsard as president of Intermarché.

Capsule checked 13th January 2021

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Who are the competitors of Intermarché? Main rivals in France are Leclerc, Carrefour, Systeme U and Auchan. See Retail Sector index for other companies

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Adbrands Daily Update 30th Nov 2020: "Until My Last Breath". Here's another miniature masterpiece from creative boutique Romance for French supermarket Intermarché. This client-agency partnership has delivered a succession of superlative films over the past five or so years, every one a classic of warmly observed humanity. We were only saying last week, in relation to another ad, how the majority of this year's seasonal ads have blended into a great misty-eyed mash of cheap sentiment. Yet there have been major exceptions to that rule, and this is arguably the best to-date. A key factor, of course, is its acknowledgement of the stellar work of healthcare professionals, now as ever, though Covid itself is only lightly referenced here. This family's medical emergency is more traditional than that - a heart attack, perhaps, or stroke - yet the emotional impact is no less powerful. A wonderful film.

Adbrands Daily Update 7th Oct 2020: "Questions". A new campaign from creative boutique Romance for French supermarket Intermarché is always a highlight of the week, and the latest film doesn't disappoint. As usual, it's a beautifully observed, warmly conceived snapshot of everyday family life; in this case a curious young boy who is constantly baffling his poor parents with impossible-to-answer questions. Some are harder to answer than others. Lovely vignettes, wittily conceived questions, and especially in the case of our young star, fine casting. Magnifique!

Adbrands Daily Update 12th May 2020: "I Want To Be With You". We took a bit of a pop at Cadbury last week for a spot which used documentary-style footage of local communities to illustrate that Blitz spirit of older folks Keeping Calm & Carrying On under lockdown. How much better than that is the latest spot from the always excellent Parisian creative boutique Romance for French supermarket chain Intermarché. Though we agree that Cadbury's spot was the best of a not very interesting bunch in the UK, Romance have brought something even better to the party, adding a bit of creative imagination, and a well-chosen musical accompaniment (from Nina Simone) to offer a message that is considerably more uplifting, after a lockdown that was significantly stricter than our own. Don't just keep calm and carry on; look forward to what comes next and make the best you can of it. "At last. It's the day you can start organising your first meal with all those you've missed for so long."

Adbrands Social Media 25th Mar 2019: "C'est Magnifique". Creative boutique Romance excels yet again with its superb new campaign for French supermarket Intermarché. This is the latest in a series of films that have plucked mercilessly at our heartstrings to deliver a profoundly emotional message about food and the central part it plays in our sentimental life. Young love, old love, memories of love have all become the springboard for brilliantly evocative messages about the benefits of eating well (provided you buy your ingredients from Intermarché of course!) In the latest, a widower tackles an old recipe left behind by his departed wife. It may just be spaghetti al pomodoro but it summons up a succession of memories of a life well lived and loved. Beautifully photographed and richly imagined, the end results are totally charming!

Adbrands Weekly Update 30th Aug 2018: Ads of the Week: "I Love You Too Much". Over the past couple of years, French agency Romance has delivered a series of beautifully observed and warm-hearted tales to promote healthy eating on behalf of supermarket chain Intermarché. Here's the latest and it's another gem. A little girl who hates soup suddenly decides to change her ways. But her motivation isn't entirely what it seems...

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