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The majority of P&G France's products are the main international brands, widely available in other markets. Most local brands have been gradually dropped or absorbed. The group is France's leading fabric care marketer with around 32% market share (Unilever and Henkel vie for second place, each with around 25%). Ariel is the #1 brand, with around 21% share, and the group also markets Dash and Lenor fabric softener. Local brands Bonux and Vizir have been phased out, as have Axion and Gama laundry and dish detergents, acquired from Colgate-Palmolive in 2003. In 2004, the company even extended the Mr Clean brand (known as Mr Propre in France) to laundry detergent, but this too was later phased out. Other household care products include Antikal limescale remover and Febreze and Ambi-Pur air fresheners. In personal care, most of the major international brands are present in France, including Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Pampers, Always and Tampax. However, Olay - known here as Olaz - was phased out because of the competition from local competitors. By 2019, the only remaining local brands in the portfolio were Fluocaril and Parogencyl oral care products, but P&G agreed to sell these early that year to Unilever in order to focus on its international Oral-B range. The group's once substantial premium beauty portfolio, which had included the Jean Patou and Lacoste fragrance brands acquired by P&G France in 2001, was transferred in 2016 to Coty along with the rest of P&G Prestige. Following that sale, P&G France now contributes revenues of around €1.75bn annually to the group. Benjamin Binot was appointed as VP & general manager of P&G France in Jan 2018. P&G established its first presence in France in 1954, and acquired a factory in Marseille the following year to produce Tide detergent (eventually phased out in France during the 1980s). In 1958, the company launched its first locally conceived brand, the value detergent powder Bonux, as well as luxury soap Camay. Other brands followed.

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