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Publicis Worldwide is the name of what is currently the biggest advertising network within the much-expanded Publicis Groupe, sitting alongside Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. However, the Groupe itself is still in a state of continual restructuring as it presses forward with its Power of One strategy. As a result the traditional Publicis Worldwide business, like its two sister networks, is gradually being consolidated in favour of a portfolio of ad hoc dedicated client agencies with teams drawn from a collective pool of talent. In several smaller markets, individual agency brands have been dropped in favour of a unified Publicis One entity. Even in a market as significant as Germany, the local outpost of Publicis Worldwide has effectively been shuttered in favour of sister agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Publicis was originally founded just after the Second World War by entrepreneur Marcel Bleustein, and was one of the first advertising companies in France to diversify into areas such as market research and multimedia. It began to establish an international presence in the 1970s, and steadily climbed the worldwide rankings over the next four decades through a series of canny acquisitions, and by absorbing several important outposts in the former D'Arcy Worldwide network. However, despite occasionally brilliant work from its flagship outpost in Paris - still branded as Publicis Conseil - the rest of the Publicis Worldwide network has until recently tended to follow a more straightforward creative path than the other major networks within the wider Groupe. The introduction of Power of One has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the network's general creative output since the mid 2010s. Over that same period, the main Publicis network has for the most part absorbed what was once a sizeable collection of satellites, including digital agencies Publicis Modem and Nurun and CRM specialist Publicis Dialog. Valerie Henaff is global president of the Publicis Worldwide network, with Bruno Bertelli as global chief creative officer. AdAge estimated global revenues of $1.3bn in 2019.

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Adbrands Daily Update 4th Nov 2020: Heineken made two announcements regarding global marketing assignments. The one that garnered the widest media coverage was the fact that it has appointed Publicis Groupe to launch a new dedicated agency to handle global creative for the brand. The new entity is to be named Le Pub, and will be headquartered in a converted bar in central Amsterdam. It is headed by Publicis Worldwide's global CCO Bruno Bertelli. However, Publicis already managed global creative for the Heineken brand. More financially significant, perhaps, is the news that Heineken will consolidate global media for all its brands with Dentsu's Red Star entity, which already handles the company's media in selected markets. Previously the business was split globally between Dentsu and Publicis. The French group will retain media only in its home market of France.

Adbrands Daily Update 27th Aug 2020: "The Next Chapter of a Great Story". Inspired perhaps by the superb extended film released earlier this year by Publicis.Poke in the UK for the local Renault business, Publicis Conseil has also taken the leap into long-form life stories for their lead auto client. The subject matter is rather less controversial - you may remember that the UK film was a sweet tale of the developing love affair between two girls who first meet on a UK/France exchange programme. This film takes a more conventional route - a tale of the family bonds between a single-parent mother and her son over the space of 30 years - but it's no less emotionally rich and affecting. Much of the credit goes to the strong performance of the lead actress, who gives rich and fully rounded life to an otherwise rather stock character. Another intriguing element is the unexpected setting: not as you might expect France, but Sweden (for no apparent reason). In case you were wondering, Slakthusomradet, where part of the film is set, is an industrial area on the outskirts of Stockholm, originally the city's meat packing district. Fine soundtrack choice too: 'A Caged Bird-Imitations of Life' by the Cinematic Orchestra, featuring Roots Manuva.

Adbrands Daily Update 16th Jun 2020: "Francesca" Trust Diesel - a fashion label that has never been afraid to confront issues head-on - to celebrate international Pride month with an unashamedly outspoken, but also uniquely Italian take on LGBTQ+ rights. You'll see what exactly we mean when you get to the wholly unexpected, sweet but also rather cheeky denouement. We're pretty certain that in no other country could such a radical plot twist work. The film was overseen by Publicis Italy, working with LGBTQ+ group Diversity, whose founder Francesca Vecchioni lent her name to the central character played by model and activist Harlow Monroe. "I truly responded to the story of 'Francesca'," says Monroe, "because, like me, she has always been a believer. I've always known my true identity, and I've never stopped believing in my ability to live the life I wanted. It takes personal bravery, and family support, but we both made our truths a reality, and now we can tell the world our story and how we reached our version of successful living."

Adbrands Daily Update 15th Jan 2020: "Daniel Craig vs James Bond". We passed over the first of Heineken's new James Bond ads last week because it seemed like a wasted opportunity. Now we see why: it was merely a teaser for the full-strength edition, which is far more satisfying. Wieden & Kennedy originally launched these James Bond Heineken tie-ins when they had the account some years ago, but since then Publicis Worldwide has risen manfully to the creative challenge. The new film displays does a fine job of playing off jobbing actor Daniel Craig against his on-screen persona; and also gets to take advantage of some of the same locations as the new movie. You might recognize that hill-top village from the No Time To Die trailer. Daniel Craig probably won't regret hanging up Bond's tuxedo, but it's just possible he might miss the additional fun of making ads like this where he gets to take the mickey out of his alter ego.

Adbrands Daily Update 16th Dec 2019: Renault's new marketing director Xavier Martinet has wasted little time since stepping up to that role two weeks ago. The group today unveiled a new marketing venture that will take charge of all creative and media for Renault and sister brand Dacia across Europe. Some 200 personnel from Renault, creative network Publicis and Omnicom's OMD media agency will join forces under the banner of new entity Voila. "This new agile collaboration model responds to the evolution of Groupe Renault's global marketing strategy to drive a transformation from mass marketing to individualized marketing," said the group. "This embodies the ambition to reshape the entire Groupe Renault marketing chain around the world, putting the customer at the center of the debate and with a constant concern for agility and efficiency, creative and media relevance."

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