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TBWA\Paris is one of the key outposts in TBWA's worldwide network, with a global reputation for creative excellence. It is the only agency ever to be named Agency of the Year at the Cannes Lions Festival four years in a row (from 2003 to 2006), and Paris was in fact the birthplace of the TBWA network in 1970. That agency was greatly strengthened by its merger with French group BDDP at the end of the 1990s. The main agency is partnered by a collection of satellite units. Corporate business is handled by TBWA Corporate; healthcare unit TBWA\Adelphi is the local arm of the network's WorldHealth division; TBWA\Else was set up in 2007 as an inhouse production facility for the group; Zakka is a branding & design business. Aura by Omnicom is a dedicated unit serving Air France with personel drawn from several Omnicom agencies but overseen by TBWA. A shake-up in the structure of Omnicom's French holdings in 2020 also led to the transfer of Proximity Paris - traditionally a satellite of BBDO - into TBWA. At the same time, standalone digital agency DAN Paris was absorbed into the main agency. The local office of promotions agency Integer was absorbed into the group's experiential arm Auditoire in 2021. What was once a sizeable regional network across France has been pared down to a single outpost in Lyon. The BDDP brand remained part of the wider TBWA\France Groupe following its acquisition, initially as BDDP et Fils, then BDDP Unlimited, and latterly as ici Barbés. That agency was sold to management in 2018. Jean-Marie Dru - originally the D in BDDP - remains chairman of the global TBWA network and was the creator of its "Disruption" creative methodology. For several years until 2006, TBWA\France was headed by Arthur Sadoun, now global CEO of Publicis Groupe; he was suceeded by Guillaume Pannaud, still group president. TBWA Paris president Marina Zuber left the company abruptly in 2020 amidst the general restructuring. Faustin Claverie and Benjamin Marchal are joint ECDs.

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Adbrands Daily Update 30th Jun 2021: The Giant". Is it my imagination or are French supermarket ads just generally better than those of other countries? We do often show ads here for British or American chains, but they seem to never have the charm, the gentle humour or engagement of the French ones. Is there an Anglo-Saxon groceries retailer whose advertising regularly matches the imaginative quality of, for example, Romance's for Intermarché, or films like this for Système U from TBWA Paris? The main point is that Système U goes out of its way to support small regional producers like (the fictional) Soupes Mère Georges, who make what the kids believe must be miraculous soups that make you tall and strong.

Adbrands Daily Update 18th May 2021: "I Like It Like That". Here's a lovely vibrant campaign from TBWA Paris for Schweppes, running across the 17 or so European markets where the classic mixer is owned by Suntory Beverage. Confusingly, ownership of Schweppes is split between multiple different companies, even in a region as densely packed as Europe. In Germany and the UK, for example, it's not Suntory but Krombacher and Coca-Cola respectively. You can usually tell the difference because the ads for Suntory Schweppes are usually great, and the others not so much. This one is packed full of rich character detail. Our only complaint: the lighting is so dark and moody, it's hard to see exactly what's going.

Adbrands Daily Update 19th Mar 2021: "Keep Only The Best Of France". We tend to think of the French as being more than a little snooty about their culture, but in fact they love to poke fun at themselves. Just heaven help any "Anglo-Saxons" who might try to join in on the joke. Le Chocolat des Francais is an artisan chocolate bar brand, whose wrappers feature gorgeous depictions of typical French scenes - the Arc de Triomphe, a game of petanque, the Folies Pigalle - from some of the best local illustrators. But as in any country, the reality is slightly different from those (literally) chocolate box images. For a poster and press campaign, TBWA Paris commissioned the same illustrators to provide a slightly more realistic self-mocking backdrop to each idyllic scene. We've edited them together here for your viewing pleasure. Artists featured are Beatrix de Gevigney, Clément Soulmagnon, Laurène Boglio, Hubert Poirot Bourdain, Leonie Despres, Charlotte Molas and Simon Bournel-Bosson. Enjoy!

Adbrands Daily Update 21st Jan 2021: "The World Deserves Witnesses". TBWA Paris is the agency behind this stunning film for high-end camera manufacturer Leica, arguably Europe's last hold-out against the implacable march of the smartphone lens. It's the French agency's first big campaign for the brand since capturing the business from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi last year. Like earlier ads for Leica it focuses front and centre on the power of the still image to convey all the emotions known to man. The rich and characterful voiceover is delivered by Joel Meyerowitz, one of the masters of life-in-a-moment street photography. A gem.

Adbrands Daily Update 21st Oct 2019: "Childhood is Inside". Here's another effortlessly charming film from TBWA Paris for McDonald's. Though we always enjoy their animated Happy Meal spots (which are clearly designed to appeal to kids) this elegantly wistful new film - for parents this time - is even better. Bold too to make an ad that's not even really about the product but about what its emblematic box signifies for kids: a happy place to store important memories. In that sense, it's a companion piece to those US-made Folger's coffee ads that were not about the coffee itself but about the similarly iconic tins that many families used as repositories for household oddments. TBWA Paris take that idea as a starting point and re-spin it as a distinctively French, nostalgia-rich ode to childhood summers. Lovely. Fabulous choice of music too.

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