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TBWA\Paris is one of the key outposts in TBWA's worldwide network, with a global reputation for creative excellence. It is the only agency ever to be named Agency of the Year at the Cannes Lions Festival four years in a row (from 2003 to 2006), and Paris was in fact the birthplace of the TBWA network in 1970. That agency was greatly strengthened by its merger with French group BDDP at the end of the 1990s. The main agency is partnered by what is still a sizeable collection of satellite units, not least local units of digital specialist DAN and shopper agency Integer. There are also several France-only satellites: corporate business is handled by TBWA Corporate; healthcare unit TBWA\Adelphi is the local arm of the network's WorldHealth division; TBWA\Else was set up in 2007 as an inhouse production facility for the group; Zakka is a branding & design business. What was once a sizeable regional network across France has been pared down to a single outpost in Lyon. The BDDP brand remained part of the wider TBWA\France Groupe following its acquisition, initially as BDDP et Fils, then BDDP Unlimited, and latterly as ici Barbés. That agency was sold to management in 2018. Jean-Marie Dru - originally the D in BDDP - remains chairman of the global TBWA network and was the creator of its "Disruption" creative methodology. For several years until 2006, TBWA\France was headed by Arthur Sadoun, now global CEO of Publicis Groupe; he was suceeded by Guillaume Pannaud, still group president. Marina Zuber is now president of TBWA\Paris, with Faustin Claverie and Benjamin Marchal as joint ECDs.

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Adbrands Social Media 15th Jan 2019: "Fireworks". TBWA Paris presents an elegant and simple thank you message to customers of French rail service SNCF for helping to save the environment by letting the train take the strain instead of the car. It's great what can be achieved with a clever idea, a bit of lighting (and water) and well-chosen sound effects. Regular readers already know how much we like slow-motion in ads; well we're just as keen on the speeded-up opposite too.

Adbrands Social Media 5th Dec 2018: "Lost in the Black Forest". Here's a brilliantly silly pastiche from TBWA Paris of Blair Witch and other such demon-in-the-woods movie shockers for - of all clients - McDonalds' McCafé sub-brand. That running "Slurp" gag is topped by a great laugh-out-loud punchline in the closing scene. It might seem like a slightly odd juxtaposition but it's part of McCafe's extremely clever Flash Stories promotion, gradually rolling out across key markets: all cups feature a QSR code that links clients to specially created online content, like movie shorts and a broad range of other editorial content updated weekly. It's a brave new world in client-led online publishing.

Adbrands Social Media 4th July 2018: "The Day Before The Match". TBWA Paris has this charming spot out for French supermarket co-op Systeme U, which is a major supporter of grass roots football. So why are all these locals encouraging the young men of the village to eat more healthily? All is revealed in the closing frames. It's a sweet idea. It's tempting to think that there may be a few Russian tradesmen suggesting the same thing to France's national team as well ahead of the quarter final on Friday. 

Adbrands Social Media 23rd May 2018: "Moments". TBWA Paris's campaigns for "McDo" - as the French call McDonald's - are always worth a look. They tend to fall into two categories: either out-and-out humour or lighthearted meditations on the intersection between everyday life and those iconic Golden Arches. This latest falls into the latter camp, a nicely observed little tale of what you need to do to get a little privacy when you share an apartment with three other guys. Well played, sir. 

Adbrands Social Media 15th Apr 2018: Sunday Classic To France this week for "Maman", a fabulous ad by TBWA Paris from 2004. The Hansaplast brand - from German company Beiersdorf, owners of Nivea - is best known for adhesive plasters, but it is also extended under license to a line of condoms, sold mainly in France. TBWA, then Beiersdorf's house agency, put creative team Chris Garbutt and Matt Branning onto the project. Chris Garbutt: "We had so much fun producing this idea. It was almost too easy. Matt and I came up with the idea. We were just joking around, having fun and next thing it popped into our heads." ..[story continues here]..

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