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Young & Rubicam is one of France's biggest marketing groups, and a key creative hub in the wider Y&R Europe advertising network. Important accounts include Danone, Colgate-Palmolive and Francaise des Jeux. Y&R Paris is the main agency. There is also an affiliated regional office in Nantes handling local accounts. Known as LM Y&R until 2017, it rebranded that year as LM Work & Roll. 

Recent stories from Adbrands Weekly Update:

Adbrands Weekly Update 11th Feb 2016: Ads of the Week "Eruption". Were you expecting more Super Bowl ads this week? That's so last week's thing. Here's another reminder that Super Bowl wasn't the only game in town, another excellent film for Volvic mineral water from Y&R Paris, which features *real* football, my friends, not your American version! It's a clever blend of spectacle and sentiment, underpinned by stunning photography. Clearly Volvic is all you need to score that goal and win the girl. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 14th May 2015: Ads of the Week: "Museum". Here's a clever, poignant spot from Y&R Paris on behalf of Surfrider Foundation, the international charity to preserve and protect oceans and coastlines. Look what we could lose if we're not careful. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Mar 2015: Ads of the Week: "Simplicity". Remember when life just a little simpler? Here's a fine new spot from Y&R Paris for Danone's Gervais yoghurt. "My touchscreen tablet. My social media. My HD screen." Very nice.

Adbrands Weekly Update 14th Aug 2014: Ads of the Week: "Giant". This spectacular new campaign for Volvic mineral water is actually by Y&R Paris, but makes its debut in Germany with local adaptation by Y&R Frankfurt. It's one of those ads where - if we hadn't already told you - you'd never guess what sort of product it's advertising until the final frames. A car? A mobile phone? Antacid tablets? Oh, a mineral water... of course. Certainly grabs the attention though.

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