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Now celebrating more than 135 years in business, Dabur has evolved from a maker of herbal medicines into India's largest homegrown packaged goods company, with a collection of more than 350 personal care, healthcare and household products, as well as food and beverages. Unlike its main Western rivals, which include Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Colgate, Dabur's core strength is in distinctively Indian products. Many of its products are produced to Western standards, but using traditional ingredients which continue to have considerable appeal for an Indian audience, especially in the rural areas which account for more than half of the company's sales. Dabur's biggest business is in healthcare, a large sector which encompasses hair and oral care, health supplements and digestives. Products include Dabur Amla hair oils, Vatika shampoos and conditioners; tooth pastes and powders including Dabur Red, Lal Mant Danjan and Meswak. The group also makes a wide selection of traditional Ayurvedic OTC nutritional supplements and digestives. It is India's foremost company in this sector, with the market-leading herbal supplement Dabur Chyawanprash, as well as digestive remedies and confectionery under the Hajmola brand, among many other products. Honitus is the group's ayurvedic honey-based cough & cold brand. Personal cleansing products include Gulabari rosewater skincare, and a range of skin care and whitening products under the Fem brand. The group controls its own health and beauty retail chain in India under the NewU brandname, selling the company's own products as well as major third-party products. Another unit, Dabur Foods, markets the country's best-selling fruit juice brand Real, and Hommade cooking pastes and tomato purees. The acquisition of Balsara Group in 2005 expanded Dabur into the household care sector, with products including Odonil air freshener, Sanifresh toilet cleaner, Odopic dishwashing liquid and the mosquito repellent Odomos. Group revenues for year ending March 2021 hit a new high of around $1.3bn (INRs 98.9bn) with net profit of approx $217m. More than a quarter of sales are made in the export market: the group has an extensive global presence especially in countries with a large local Indian population. Although it is publicly quoted, the business is still majority controlled by the descendants of Bengali physician Dr SK Burman who founded Dabur - the name was derived from the local pronunciation of "Dr Burman" - in 1884 as a small pharmacy making herbal remedies. Non-family member Mohit Malhotra is now CEO.

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