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Procter & Gamble India is one of the country's leading advertisers, with a comparatively small portfolio of products led by India's best-selling healthcare brand, Vicks. Yet despite the country's vast size, India remains one of P&G's smaller global markets with combined sales of only around $1.5bn. Wary of the long-established powerbase held by Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive in India, P&G took its time establishing a local presence there, and only took its first steps into the country with the acquisition of Richardson-Vicks in 1985. It still has a comparatively low profile outside urban centres, although it is gaining profile here too with an aggressive price-cutting strategy as well as community outreach programmes P&G Shiksha and P&G Parivartan, which bring hygiene education and school development funding to children from poor families. For various historical reasons, the group operates through three separate subsidiaries, two of which are part-publicly owned, although all report to a central management team. Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Healthcare manages Vicks, India's top-selling healthcare product, as well as Whisper, the local version of the Always feminine hygiene franchise. P&G Gillette India, also part-owned by local shareholders, market Gillette and Oral B. Finally, wholly owned P&G Home Products handles the group's other international products. Key brands include Ariel and Tide detergents (though P&G ranks third locally behind Unilever and Ghari Industries); Pantene and Head & Shoulders; also Olay, Pampers and Ambi-Pur. Madhusudan Gopalan was appointed as group CEO in 2018.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 25th Jun 2015: Ads of the Week: Cannes Grand Prix Glass Lion "Touch The Pickle". It's turning out to be a great year at Cannes for P&G, who have picked up three Grand Prix so far for their sanpro portfolio. The top award in the new Glass Lions category, celebrating gender-equality, was collected by BBDO India for its "Touch The Pickle" campaign for P&G's Whisper brand - the local version of Always. The campaign sets out to bust the myths surrounding menstruation in Indian communities, not least the taboo that dictates that a menstruating woman should not touch the pickle jar because it will spoil.

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