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Gruppo Campari is Italy's biggest spirits and wine company, and the global #6. As a result of a series of small but significant acquisitions since 1995, it has successfully transformed itself from a one-brand business in Italy into a global player with a portfolio of more than 50 premium brands. Its home territory still accounts for around a fifth of annual revenues, thanks to core brands Aperol, Campari and Cinzano and imported spirits which the group distributes under contract. But the US has gradually become its single biggest market, accounting for 27% of sales in 2019. Other key markets include Jamaica (as a result of local top-seller Appleton Estate rum), Germany and Australia. Campari also has a growing collection of other premium tipples including Skyy vodka, Wild Turkey bourbon and Glen Grant whisky, Ouzo 12, and best-selling Brazilian brandy Dreher's. In summer 2016 the group also secured control of Grand Marnier liqueurs in an agreed takeover. More recent deals include the UK's Bulldog gin and Bisquit cognac of France. Bob Kunze-Concewitz is CEO. Revenues in 2019 were €1.8bn with net profit of €308m. Aperol is the group's most lucrative brand by far, accounting for 18% of group revenues in 2019. It was followed by Campari (10%), Skyy and Wild Turkey (8% apiece) and Grand Marnier (7%). In terms of gross sales at retail, Skyy was the top-seller: Impact Databank estimated global value of $700m, followed by Campari ($590m), Aperol ($500m) and Wild Turkey ($375m). All four were among the global top 100 brands by value. The group's controlling shareholder is Alicros, an investment company for the Garavoglia family, who inherited the business from descendants of the Campari family in the 1970s. Luca Garavoglia is chairman. They control around 51% of Campari's equity, and an even higher proportion of voting rights.

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Adbrands Update 16th Jul 2021: Campari and LVMH's drinks division Moet Hennessy have joined forces to sell wines and spirits online. Campari has agreed to transfer to Moet half of its stake in high-end drinks retailer, which operates across multiple European markets. The sale also includes an interest in Tannico-controlled LVMH already has its own online drinks business,

Adbrands Social Media 5th Feb 2019: "Entering Red". By sheer coincidence this week, the new film from J Walter Thompson Italia for Campari, starring 'Blade Runner 2049's adorable virtual girlfriend Ana de Armas, follows hot on the heels of the Turkish Airlines film starring her '2049' nemesis Sylvia Hoeks (which I posted here earlier). There are other similarities between the two ads: here again, a fine actress and a great director (in this case, Matteo Garrone of 'Gomorrah' and 'Dogman') are poorly served by a ridiculous script and plodding product placement. Just a good Negroni cocktail is all it takes to make your dreams come true? Come on! It looks fabulous, though, and de Armas is completely captivating. Gotta feel sorry for those barmen, having to wear red latex gloves all night long.

Adbrands on Social Media 8th Mar 2018: "Live Grand" The relentlessly acquisitive Campari Group expanded its portfolio last year with the celebrated cognac & bitter orange liqueur Grand Marnier. Here comes the big marketing push: a striking new film from acclaimed music video director Joseph Kahn, overseen by J Walter Thompson New York as part of WPP's Team Campari. You'll have to forgive a couple of slightly dodgy CGI elements, but the overall effect is great. Now that's my kind of party: it rains indoors, then everyone hallucinates. So is Grand Marnier the new absinthe?

Adbrands Weekly Update 31st Aug 2017: Gruppo Campari has consolidated global marketing responsibilities into a new dedicated agency from WPP. Team Campari will oversee all global creative, media, digital and other services for the Campari portfolio, which also houses Cinzano, Aperol, Skyy vodka, Wild Turkey and Appleton Estate. J Walter Thompson was already the main creative agency for Campari, and released an eye-catching cinematic campaign for the brand earlier this year starring Clive Owen, an Ad of the Week in Adbrands in January.

Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Jan 2017: Ads of the Week "Killer In Red". Actor Clive Owen seems to specialise in offbeat projects these days, lending his charisma sparingly and only to work that tickles his fancy. That BMW "Driver" reprise was one of our favourite ads of last year, but was shockingly unregarded by the industry at large. Here's another extended noir fantasy, this time for Campari from writer-director Paolo Sorrentino (of The Young Pope and other projects), working with J Walter Thompson Italia. It makes almost no sense at all but looks gorgeous throughout. So do all the girls, even if female lead Caroline Tillette struggles to deliver a line convincingly. Meanwhile Clive simmers splendidly. It's 13 minutes long, so put the phone on hold, expand the frame to full-screen, turn up the speakers and settle down for some escapist nonsense.

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Mar 2016: Gruppo Campari continued its slow but steady expansion, agreeing to take majority control of French liqueur Grand Marnier in a friendly takeover that values the business at around €684m. The latter's family shareholders have agreed to transfer around a third of their combined 60% holding in parent company Societe de Produits Lapostolle immediately, and will endorse a tender offer from Campari to public shareholders. If Campari fails to accumulate a majority position they will cede additional shares of their own. Grand Marnier has distribution through different partners around the globe. Currently, LVMH's Moet Hennessy has rights in the US where 60% of revenues are generated - that contract is due to expire later this year. Lapostolle generated revenues of €152m in 2015.

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