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Once known only as the world's leading camera maker, Canon has slowly seen the nature of its business change over the years, first towards business machines, and now more firmly in the direction of computer peripherals such as printers. The group delivered spectacular growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s, becoming the world's leading manufacturer of office copiers, laser and bubble-jet printers. It still generates a sizeable proportion of its revenues (11% in 2020) from sales to HP which resells Canon laser printers under the HP badge. However, like other companies in its sector, Canon suffered the impact of the economic downturn after 2008, at least in part from the soaring value of the Japanese yen against other currencies: Canon is one of Japan's most international businesses, generating almost 75% of its revenues overseas, and more than half in the Americas and Europe. The combination of economic headwinds and fierce competition has caused sales to more or less plateau for the past decade. Camera sales have been especially hard hit by the competition from ever more sophisticated systems integrated into smartphones. Revenues from cameras have fallen by 40% in the two years to 2020. Canon sold 5m still cameras in 2018, but that figure had fallen by 2020 to just 2.8m cameras. Canon is traditionally the #2 globally behind HP in hardcopy peripherals - better known as personal printers - with around 20% market share by volume in 2020, equivalent to 20.4m units. However, performance in this sector has come under intense pressure from Epson, which briefly overtook Canon during the year. Group revenues for 2019 were approx $33.0bn, before falling below $30bn (Y3,160bn) for 2020. The latter figure was down around 30% from Canon's highs of the mid-2000s. Net income for 2020 was $781m. Office equipment (copiers, printers etc) accounted for 46% of revenues, and digital imaging (cameras and camcorders) for less than 23%. The group also makes medical imaging systems and components. Fujio Mitarai was the architect of Canon's explosive expansion in the 1990s. Although he turned 86 in 2021, he remains chairman & CEO. Long-serving president & COO Masaya Maeda stepped down in 2020 for health reasons, and has yet to be replaced.

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Who are the competitors of Canon? Primary competitors in Office Imaging are Xerox, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Ricoh and Epson, as well as Toshiba, Sharp and Konica Minolta in some Asian markets. The group's competitors in cameras and camcorders are Sony, Fuji Photo Film, Olympus, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic, Eastman Kodak and Pentax. See IT & Office Technology Sector index for other companies. Also see Best Global Brands ranking

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Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Feb 2015: Canon signaled a shift in strategy with a $2.8bn offer to acquire Axis Communications, a Swedish company that is a global leader in video surveillance and security cameras. Canon's two main businesses of digital still cameras and office equipment have been under intense pressure in recent years.

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