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Headquartered in the Southern Japanese city of Osaka, Daiko is one of three Japanese agency brands operating under the umbrella of Hakuhodu DY, the country's #2 advertising group after Dentsu. Daiko has long been one of Japan's most Western-leaning agencies. In 1963 it was among the first to welcome a US agency to the country, forming a joint venture with Grey advertising. In 2000, it ended its long-standing relationship with Grey to form a new liaison with Lowe Worldwide, though that too was later dissolved. It was absorbed into the Hakuhodo DY group in 2003, along with smaller agency Yomiko. Although Daiko still offers a full range of services, it is being increasingly positioned as a specialist in direct marketing and CRM. Daiko has the exclusive franchise to sell local advertising for Asahi Shimbun media group in western Japan. The group has a low key presence in a few other Asian markets, but no direct presence in the West. Hiroshi Ochiai is president & CEO of Daiko, with Shuichi Iwai as chairman.

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