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Lexus is the luxury car brand within the Toyota portfolio. The Lexus brand was originally conceived by Toyota as a competitor in North America to imported European models BMW and Mercedes. Shortly before its launch in 1989 the original planned name of Alexis - after the Alexis Carrington character from TV soap Dynasty - was recast as Lexus. (A brief legal skirmish followed when information services database LexisNexis claimed unsuccessfully there was a risk of confusion between the two brands). As a result of its success in the US, Lexus was extended into Europe in the 1990s and finally arrived in Japan and China in 2005. That year, it was the first luxury car brand to introduce a hybrid model, using the same technology as Toyota's Prius. North America remains the most significant market by far for Lexus. However, after more than a decade as the top-selling luxury automobile in the US, Lexus was overtaken by BMW and Mercedes in 2011 and has as yet been unable to reassert its lead, despite seven straight years as the single most dependable new car in the US, according to JD Power's benchmark annual study. However, an important development was its move into 2nd place in 2020, ahead of Mercedes-Benz, but still behind BMW. Cumulative sales since launch surpassed 10m cars in 2019, the year the car celebrated its 30th anniversary. Total sales volumes peaked in 2019 at 765k units, before slipping back in 2020 to 719k. That global figure remains significantly lower than the brand's main German rivals. Sales in the US, the brand's biggest market by far, were 275k units (down from 298k the year before). However, its fastest growing markets were China, Japan and Taiwan: sales in China reached a new high of 225k in 2020. Lexus global president Tokuo Fukuichi was appointed as chief branding officer for both Toyota and Lexus in 2017. Koji Sato is now international president of Lexus and group chief branding officer.

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Adbrands Social Media 9th Jul 2019: "Defy Logic". The & Partnership have become past-masters at turning out these elegant and stylish campaigns for Lexus across Europe, usually set in some indeterminate major city (Barcelona in this particular case) and full of quirky detail. The last one recreated the scenes from famous paintings. This one goes for a set of logic-defying visual illusions. Actually some of the gags here aren't quite as good as they could have been (haven't we just seen those bouncy pedestrian crossings in Apple's latest?), but the idea is generally appealing.

 Adbrands Social Media 1st Nov 2017: "The Art of Standing Out". There's been a barrage of "clever" new luxury car ads out this week, including multiple spots for Hyundai and BMW. We'd have to confess we've been a little underwhelmed by most, but we rather like The & Partnership's new campaign for Lexus. Admittedly it's mostly just the standard car porn set-up of gleaming automobile on open road, but in-between those images, the agency has taken time and trouble to offer some witty updates of a succession of very famous artworks, woven into the passing scenery. 

 Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Dec 2015: Ads of the Week "The Life RX". It's Jude Law, back in the high life again, and this time for Lexus, with not a Johnnie Walker bottle in sight. CHI & Partnersand star director Adam Berg have come up with a charming little gag here. We swear we've seen it before, and not just in Ferris Bueller, but never executed so well. Perhaps we were too distracted by Jude Law's glittering aura to notice the twist until the closing frames, so we'll tell you now you need to pay attention to exactly who is driving. Yes, dear viewer, it is you.

 Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week "Hoverboard". Life imitates art 30 years after the event as a result of lavish funding from carmaker Lexus. As this new film from CHI & Partners demonstrates, Back To The Future's wild dream of a hoverboard is actually technically feasible. Just quite hard to get used to. No trickery - this is real. Find out how it was done in the Behind The Scenes film on our Facebook page. Now, where is my copy of Grays Sports Almanac for 2016? I have to get down to the betting shop...

 Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Jul 2014: Ads of the Week "Strobe". CHI London's latest for Lexus is a striking blend of light sculpture and performance art, using live performers in LED suits, strung out across the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The end result is stunning, but the technical complexity that sits behind the ad is truly extraordinary, involving massive engineering rigs to suspend the performers and cutting edge computerised lighting design. See two additional films explaining how it was done on our Facebook page.

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